Impact of technology on people's life

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The Present era is a great witness to a rapid growth of technology. This rapid growth in technology has left the man behind due to which ideology of man and shape of the world is changing day by day. where Man has invented technology for his own good, at the same he has invented that technologies also which are capable of destroying the world. Today, The technology is growing so rapidly that man has been addicted to the technology and he has started to feel strange to live without this technology.

Once, the Einstien said, that "technology will make man fool". Nowadays, same is happening around us. Social media is a great example of it. people are creating fake IDs and making fool to other people.

Today's children are born in the era of smartphones, mobile, internet and technology, the generation that is born after 1990 is the production of this technology. The Bill Gates says, "The computer's right use is 20% worldwide." "Stephen Hague says," Computer is a box of fools, Its brain is even not equal to a bug, it has a human mind, who feeds it, will get the same feedback. If we see around us, only common man is suffering from today's technologies.

In this era of technology, man has been left behind, the advancement of technology is emphasized on basic needs of human beings like bread, cloth, house. Despite the growth of technology, many people are living under the poverty.

It is concluded that there should be a proper use of technology so that people may get the benefit and get rid of day to day problems. Further, it should be used to improve living standards of people by creating employment opportunities.


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but i future science is completely convert they not value human they value robots