Reward of Righteousness

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A man saw the fire while passing from the forest and a snake was lying in bushes. The man immediately stepped ahead and save the serpent from the fire. The snake said, Now I will discard you. The man said, I saved you from fire and did a good with you but snake said, I have only such punishment for you. The Man said: "If you say, then let's ask someone." When they went forward, there was a buffalo in the forest.

The man said to the buffalo that "I saved the serpent from the fire and it became an enemy of my life. Now you tell me that the reward of righteousness is good or evil. "Buffalo said:" evil! "Man said:" How? When I was healthy, I gave milk and my owner was happy with me and give me a good dose and care for you. Now I got old, so they beat me and fired out of the house, so the reward of good is evil. "Snake said," Now tell, "the man said:" Ask someone else. " "Snake said" OK. "

When he walks on, he finds a donkey in the way, a man says, "Is the reward of goodness good or bad?" The Donkey said: "Evil", The man said, "How?" The Donkey said: When I was powerful I used to take so much burdens on me, "He used to do a lot of work from me." Now I have become weak, so they have removed me from home. That is why the reward of righteousness is evil. "

The man said, "Ask someone else." The snake says, "Okay, okay." The Snake was satisfied that if the first two decisions are in favor of me, the third will also be in favor of me. They step forward to a monkey, they tell the monkey in detail, the monkey said: "No, take me to the place where the snake was lying in the bushes, then put the snake in those bushes again and pick it out from that place in front of me". The man put the snake in the bushes and when He was picking out the snake, the monkey pulled his hand back and said to the man: "It is not worthy of righteousness, keep it in the same place."


This is the same case with certain people when we do good with them and they give you evil in reward. Hence, we all should respond to righteousness with Good deeds.


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