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Where technology has made so many things easy for the human being but at the same time, it has imparted some negative impacts on kids. One of the major development of 21st century is the creation of computer. People are getting so many benefits from this computer but it is also causing the broken down of the health of children.

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Use of Technology has made the children busy in playing video games instead of sports activities. Sports always make the kids more healthy both mentally as well as physically. Computer games are causing the children to become ill mentally and physically.

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Children who always like play with mobiles, Tabs and video games on the computer are facing the behavioural issues. They do misbehave with their elders when they are stopped to playing with technology.

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Technology like computer, tabs and android mobiles have almost ruined the social life of children and they have become the depression patient. In case such children go out with their friends, they prefer to use their mobiles instead making some noise.

computer games or android addicted children are often facing the issues with their eyes. The excessive use of such technology may weaken the eyesight and headache problem. Due to which children remain irritated all the time.

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The study of students also getting suffered due to addiction to computer and android technology. The reason is that student are giving more time to play computer games than to study due to which they fall behind in life.

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It is concluded that there must be balance in life. There must be a timetable according to which all activities like sports, study, technology etc. should be given proper time instead of being addicted to a specific activity as it may damage the health.
Remember, if there is life, there is a world.



You are right that

it has imparted some negative impacts on kids

It makes the children lazy and make the the children sexual many children watch sexy videos on Internet that is not right for children.Computer and mobile are the big invention of modern technology. It can also damage the eyes of children.

Multimedia technology also undermines the social life of children. As a result often with technology tools, so less in association with the community.

Thank @qasimwaqar for reminding us.

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