Value of Time in our Day to Day Life

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A beautiful saying by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) that "Always take care of empty time and health". You have heard this maxim that "Time is the key to success". People who do not care about time are rejected by time. Every task must be performed withing the stipulated time otherwise mismanagement of time may lead to critical situations. The people who do not care about time are just like the straw in river which flow with the waves of river whether it may be thrown at bank of river. Such people always waste themself and make their future dark.

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Today, those are successful in thier lives who care about the time.Such people learn from mistakes or experience of other people than the mistakes happening to them and implement it in their practicle life.

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Time is money. It means time must be used productively by considering its importance. Hence, time used in fruitful doings can save us any big cost.

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The people who are at the top of different departments have not wasted thier time in idle activities and just focus thier targets by using the time efficiently. Now, they people have more respect than others and have been the source of insipration for others.

people should focus the urgency of their tasks. The most urgent tasks must be performed at the same time when it required to be done otherwise it will create problems later.

Opportunities arises with time to time. It is often said that "opportunity arises like a bubble". Those who get the benefit of time as and when opportunity arises become the champion.

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It has been observed that new generation is busy in wasting the time in idle activities like video games and on social media. Books are the best friends of human being. They should give proper time to book reading instead sticking to idle activities the whole day.

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It is concluded that punctuality is very important for every human being.The person who is punctual in doing his deeds, approaching of destination become easy for him.



Time is everything. You can call it- money, success everything. Using the time accurately is the best thing you will ever be done. If today you are using best use of your time, you will thanks yourself later.

The value of time is incalculable, do not ever recover it, that is why it is necessary to make the correct use of it.
A very popular saying of my country, tells us that time is worth gold, making reference to how valuable it is.

No doubt about time is worth gold.