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Indonesia has the largest gold deposits in the world. One of the areas famous for its abundant gold is Papua. The proof, PT Freeport gold miner, has been mining, processing and exploring copper ore containing gold, and silver since decades ago.


In addition to Papua, Indonesia is still a treasure trove in various regions. Here are some gold stockpiles in Indonesia :

Bengkulu Province, especially in Seluma Regency, apparently store more gold content than Papua. Due to the area of this stockhard of gold reached 90 thousand hectares. This is evidenced from the results of a preliminary survey of Berick geologist team from the UK showed the potential of gold content exceeds one million ounces. In a rough count, one ounce equals 280 grams.


Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Bengkulu Province, Oktaviano, said the potential estimates were based on survey results outside protected forest areas bordering Bukit Barisan National Park alone.

Bogor also has tremendous gold potential. Its mining location is located at Gunung Pongkor and becomes a gold mining area managed by state mining company PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam). The existence of the Pongkor gold mine began with the exploration of lead base metals (Pb) and zinc (Zn) in the northern part of Mount Pongkor by Antam's geologists from 1974 to 1981.


Now the underground gold mining activities in Pongkor are touted as the largest in Java.

Not only the beautiful nature, the land of Bali turned out to save gold. Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Geologists (IAGI) Bali Province, I Ketut Ariantana, launching data is quite astounding.


The reason, geologically Bali land has the potential of extraordinary gold content. However, it needs research because the location is too deep. The amount itself is not known for certain, but its estimates are over one million ounces.

Banyuwangi has a gold mining known as the Seven Bukit Banyuwangi gold mine, or Tumpang Pitu. Overlapping assets under Joint Ore Reserve Committe (JORC) standards, have asset quality: Estimated 99 million tons of ore with an average content of 0.8 grams of gold / ton of ore and 25 grams of silver / ton of ore, 794 million grams of gold reserves and 862 billion gram of copper reserves in the porphyry layer, 70 million grams of gold reserves and 2.2 billion grams of silver reserves in the oxidation layer, Production capacity of 2.8 million grams of gold and 136 million grams of silver per year.


James Francis, General Manager of Operations, PT Bumi Suksesindo (BSI), operator of gold mine Tumpang Pitu, said not only gold and silver, in Tumpang Pitu also have copper.



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