#STEEM | HISTORY OF CHINA : 7 Hidden Facts Behind the Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China is a wall in the plains of China, the great wall has also been officially included in the list of 7 wonders of the world, where in its history this wall was built for hundreds of years just to overcome the Mongol attacks in northern China.

But who would have thought, behind the founding of the great wall of China there were 7 hidden facts in it.

Starting from an enemy scouting tower


To stem the attack of the Mongols from northern China, Emperor Shi Huang Ti of the Qin Dynasty had succeeded in uniting the mainland of South China, during the time of Emperor Shi Huang Ti, the watchtower had also been built, but he had changed his mind to unify the walls.

Built nearly 2,500 years


Surely you will be very surprised to see how long the construction of the Great Wall of China was built, indeed history records that if the wall was not in a single dynasty, during the Qin dynasty in the 7th century BC it began construction and was completed as a whole in the 17-18th century.

Built by slaves


Of course you think that making a wall of that size requires big funds? but apparently the sustainable dynasty that built the wall was to employ slaves and criminals.

Wall stone adhesive material is flour


At first the great wall of China was only made of wood and soil, but as time went on and started from the Ming Dynasty, it began to make walls with stone and flour construction as adhesive paste.

The widest area can accommodate 5 people riding a horse


In 2009 the National Bureau of China Survey has confirmed that 21,196.18 km. even the tourist capacity once can reach up to 10 billion, wow!

Crossing 15 regions


You need to know that the Great Wall of China surpassed 15 Chinese territories from Heilonjiang and Jilin to Qinghai and Xinjiang.

the biggest grave on earth


It has been noted that in building a large project on the earth, it swallowed 1 million people. maybe the data issued is correct considering the terrain and the length of time the making of the great wall.




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