#STEEM | Photography : there is something strange about this woman's photo

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Photos of this baby girl carrying a baby, something strange if you look carefully, watch the shadow :


At first glance it looks normal, a photo of a woman holding this child if he watches carefully looks strange.

There is an unusual strange shadow in the photo.

Everyone knows that shadows are only 'copies' of people or things.

However, the shadow is not a living creature but only a dark area that is only an inverted projection of the object blocking the light source.

A photo of a woman who brings a baby to viral because the shadow looks very different from what is supposed to happen!
Arlaine S Villosabri related that it was the first time she had gone to her sister-in-law's house.


He asked his sister to take a picture of him when he was carrying a baby, so he could feel the child who had just finished drinking milk.

But the cute photo turned into a scary when Arlaine examined the pictures.

Arlaine swears that the photos aren't edited at all and she doesn't even know how to edit photos.

He doesn't use any filters but the picture looks rather creepy.

While Arlaine stood up, with her arms wrapped around the baby she was carrying, her shadow had arms that fell on her side!

The shadow also bowed and looked frightening, even though Arlaine stood up straight.

After seeing the photos, he showed them to his sister who also showed them to others at home.


Everyone agreed that the photos looked very creepy.

Many people will immediately suggest that Arlaine go home and that she cannot return to this house; who knows if the shadow is actually a lost soul, his family advises.

Shaken by a creepy experience, Arlaine shares photos and prays loudly that nothing bad will happen to her.

Although there are some skeptical netizens, most agree that photos look scary and that he really can't go back to that house anymore!




Si es verdad. En principio creí que era un truco. Bueno de que vuelan vuelan. Que se vaya de esa casa corriendo.

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