Cleaning the whiteboard from using an eraser to a broom

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Hello lovely friends!
In classroom learning we will use a lot of whiteboards and markers. When we write we will leave a lot of notes on the board.
We need a clean whiteboard. clean whiteboard will help children learn better. When writing on the blackboard we also feel more comfortable.
Therefore we should try to keep the chalkboard clean. A clean blackboard will be full of writing and pictures using markers.
Today I teach children there are many ways you can do to clean the blackboard. We can clean the blackboard starting with an eraser, dry cloth, gasoline to a broom.



To clean writing, we have always used an eraser. Usually an eraser is made of cloth. cloth is used to wrap Styrofoam. This type of eraser is effective at cleaning chalkboards if the cloth is wet. If the cloth is full of ink stains, it will no longer be effective. Often times when erasing will leave traces and the board will not be clean. We can wash the eraser and leave it in the sun to dry so that it can be used to erase the writing thoroughly.


Dry cloth

We can also clean the blackboard using a dry cloth. This dry cloth can erase the marker ink on the blackboard. If the cloth we use is clean it can be very effective. Therefore, soiled cloth must be washed and dried again.


Soapy water

Cleaning the blackboard can also be done by using soapy water. Spray the chalkboard using soapy water. With this water can make the marker ink easy to clean.
After spraying with soapy water, you have to wipe it with a cloth. This cloth will erase the marker ink. because there is still water left over then we also have to clean it with a dry cloth so that the blackboard will come back clean.


Using gasoline

In some cases the use of permanent markers will be difficult to remove. Ink marks can be very difficult to remove. We can use gasoline to clean it
Dip a cloth in gasoline and then rub the cloth on the chalkboard. Clean the dirt on the board.
The downside of cleaning using gasoline is that the pungent odor makes us uncomfortable in the room when the board is cleaned. We have to open the door so that the air circulation will change and make the gasoline smell disappear.


Using broom

It may sound strange to know that brooms can also be used to clean chalkboards. But it is really effective. We can erase the writing markers on the board easily. The lint on a broom can clean writing and pictures on a chalkboard. Everyone can do it easily, even small children can clean the blackboard with a broom.
Those are some ways to clean the blackboard starting with an eraser to using a broom.
Hopefully this article is useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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