Skyrim in diapers: The Line Between Photography and a Screenshot

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Hi again, It's been three days and I've already missed you, guys!

Good old Skyrim... How many good memories, how many sleepless nights... It's been quite a long time since the release of the game but I still love it.
Before we start I just have to say that writing this is also very sudden for me as it is for you.
I try my best to post while not ruining my study schedule.
Not sure if I will be able to cope with this speed because I'm completely out of energy, half asleep half dead, trying to write something good here. So please be gentle with me (。◕‿‿◕。)

Don't play when you study, kids:

So, back to the topic! One thing I can say for sure: the game is very addictive! After you start playing, there is no hope of finishing the project you've been working on or preparing for the exam at the university. You can say goodbye to your sleep schedule and you should be ready for your parents to scold you regularly because your grades will fall.
But you can't do anything about it because people who love open World fantasy games will play it anyway.

There is a good reason why the game starts two steps away from the execution block, where the headsman is about to chop off your head. It is like it is trying to say that everyone here can say goodbye to all of your free time and should be ready to sit in front of your PC all day without stopping, it is the turning point, where you are about to dive into the world of Skyrim. And there is no turning back!

Without particularly long forewords, the game developers literally throw you in diapers into a huge world full of dragons, trolls, kings, angry sheeps, farting beauties, cheeky thieves and other herbivores. Where you have to fulfil yourself and use all your skills in order to survive and not crap your pants.

So what kind of animal's bitten me today, so I suddenly got up and started writing about Skyrim, you may ask.
I was reflecting on a question that one of my friends mentioned recently: Can you define the line that separates the screenshot and the photo?
When you travel around the world, you search for an appropriate view that you find appealing, you make a photo and all of us call it the photography which is considered as a form of art. But what if you are a loner like me who wants to travel in virtual reality instead and there is no clear boundary between one and the other? You also wander around the virtual world searching for a great place and perfect moment to make a screenshot. So is there really a big difference between them?

Let's just consider for a second that making good quality screenshots is also a form of art.
And the Skyrim is a perfect place for making them because it pleases everyone with incredibly colourful plains, colossal glaciers, the brightest northern lights. You can not help but notice the fairy-tail landscapes when you progress further in the main storyline.
That's why I picked this game as an example (All of the screenshots are original and were made by my friend who was very kind to let me show them):


I'm glad that we had a conversation today. I think I've learned a lot.
Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )


Didn't they make a VR for Skyrim recently? It should be something :d

Ye I saw it, I will get it in a couple of months.

Btw, I think it's much better when you cascade images one after another.
Looks cool, you should try it out.

Damn I’ve played skyrim so much with a friend of mine.. literally did every single mission possible. We even found a realistic hunting mode and went out hunting for hours a day.. good times..

Is it possible to do every single mission? I mean... there are infinite missions and chapters so you probably have to play a dozen of years to complete all of them :D

You are absolutely right in working on a certain need process. The key is not to complain, keep your spirit and confident.

I've lost so many months because of that game. ;) It's truly a timeless classic.

I can't even count how much I played it lol)

I get lost in all the side quests. They're so much more fun than the main one!

This is out of topic but I have never asked you this: what do you study at the moment? You seem to study a lot

Economics, Marketing, Management... and other boring business stuff.
Only chat on steemit and Kama Sutra saves me from going completely insane lol.

Interesting stuff. I quite enjoy those things but I don't think I am going to choose them as my career path

Any ideas? You two are at a very important crossroads in your life. I can't emphasize this enough. Choose the wrong path now and you're in for decades of misery. But choose wisely and you'll have a bright future ahead. In my opinion, it is somewhat unreasonable to expect people in their late teens or early twenties at best to make this type of far reaching decisions without any guidance or input from people experienced in life with good intentions and no vested interest in any particular path chosen. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea to take a break from your studies after taking the matriculation exam/finishing high school to go to work and give your future a serious thought.

You are young adults and the most important task in your life is to try things out and discover yourselves. All this may sound like a hackneyed cliche but the time to do these things is now and not when you have a number of responsibilities weighing on you like a ton of bricks. Don't embark on anything only because it is expected of you. To be successful in your career, you need passion and drive and it's a serious mistake to ignore that reality. Your life quality and chances at success will both suffer a great deal if you try to shoehorn yourself into being something you're not cut out for/have no real desire to do.

I've just noticed you were here. With some life advices.
Why don't you write a post about it? If you take your chat messages and combine them into a post it can really go well :D

That's a great comment and a very good advice. It is hard trying to gain information from various careers and life choices when I really don't know people who to ask from. Sure, there are news articles, youtube videos and what not but they don't reflect the actual reality. I don't have connections and I usually tend to figure out things by myself. The hard thing is that I seriously can't know what I'd like to do in the future. I don't have any specific passions in life just yet and it might take some time to find them. Luckily I am still young and have time to find one.

A really good starting point if to ask yourself what type of activity can you engage in effortlessly. What are your thought processes like when you're doing what you love doing. What is it about them that allows you to enter into a flow state? The specific activity is not as important as how you go about doing it and what motivates you about it. If you really want to excel at something, you need to be constantly honing your skills. What is the source of your motivation in general? If you manage to find job for the summer or for your gap year, it is a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open. Some people are happy to talk to you about their work. Talking to the guidance counselor at your school might be useful. A whole sub branch of psychology is specialized in occupational choice. When you cast your net widely to gather as much information as possible about the topic, you might stumble upon something particularly useful to you.

How powerful this!!!

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Poor guy, I pity you.