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It is Sunday evening here in South Africa. For many out there, Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation. It is a day to mentally prepare for the week ahead and the goals that you want to achieve. For writers, this practice comes in handy. By spending an hour or so meditation on your writing project (something writers often do naturally when daydreaming about their work), you create excitement for the week ahead. Many times these small meditations have helped me resolve an issue I had encountered in my plot, or helped me improve something that I wasn't happy with before.

And so, I'm just going to leave these questions for you to think about. Dwell on them, let them swim around in your head, and see if they motivate you for the week ahead.

PS.. always remember to make any important notes, in case you forget about it the next day!

  1. How much writing would you like to achieve in the week ahead?
  2. Is there any planning that you could do on the Monday that would make the rest of the week productive?
  3. What is the greatest achievement / struggle that your characters will go through this week?
  4. What inner relationship do you share with any of your characters?
  5. Is there any scene or event that you are really looking forward to capturing this week?

I think I will end it there, so as not to make this a prolonged meditation. Feel free to share any of your answers with me in the comments. Of course, I know there are writers that just write with no forward planning and just let their fingers do the talking. But I am hoping that this small Sunday post has given you some food for thought.

Header Image: 2 Pixabay Images merged into one on Photoshop by myself.

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