"Arabscape" Oriental Science Fantasy Series Synopsis

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“Arabscape” Synopsis

(Arabian Science Fantasy Novel series)

Copyright 04.08.18 Shan Iyer


This a work of pure fiction! A science fiction/magical fantasy series of books I’m working on...hope you enjoy it.

A secretive hidden order of deviant insurgents has managed to unveil and traverse the last human frontier, the frontier of time.
With this discovery, they have traversed through the mysterious emergent portals and through open gateways into a primeval and unprotected segment of our timeline…

Within no bare vicissitudes or hateful ruinous distaste for the vast timelines that they now witness that populate our cherished present, they have risked all and sought to reimagine and alter multitudes of events found within a new concept discovered as “timeflow” (a peculiar new scientific property characterized as an element considered energy/matter and time all at once)

In open malevolence or practiced idealism, they have gathered efforts to one goal, one single purpose.

To envision their present into their own image, to alter the history of ours and have assaulted the secret fortresses of apparent structure of powers they deem …incompatible, unfamiliar divergent and alien.

No stone has been left unturned…every pivotal event of significance have been interfered, with some events and lives of many, been removed entirely, their implicit result in having their pejorative incarnations — wiped clean.

With their own inspirations, they hope to change the flow of all timelines simultaneously…

To the belligerence of other unique individual lives, many certain figures and personalities have been had their importance bolstered by their realities represented in centuries of advanced technological application.

This reimagination of time, of constructed human historical events, has led to the brazen aggrandizement of pivotal individual figures and relevant lives.

In grand demarcations of a theme irrefutably moulded into something bestial and unrecognizable, and no-one in this abstractly different new timeline wonders or even speculates, let alone how.

Complete direct movements of centuries, development of nations, intellectual thought, reformations of faith, transcendental art, history, and progress containing thousands of years have been erased out in near-silent unheard voices within a few meagre instants…while other events have taken new meanings with carefully planned master strokes of plans.

Without any visible remains of our lost past, the insurgents have advanced unchallenged, alone forwards to their final plan, their assault met with no resistance fearless of fate from any reprisal.

Their eternal abode upon a handful of motherships high above the mesosphere not visible to the earthly populace remains hidden and removed from any changes in the current time/space continuum.

Meanwhile, events on the earth, a small array of individuals of note who are sensitive to the changing motion of fabrics of time are being mysteriously directed, seeking each other in a manner not known to them but known to someone or something…

Save for these few incoherent and unique (and quite possibly mad) individuals whom curiously comprehend the past, present and future in one all realizing converging concept contains faculties sensitive to the altering causalities of the changing timeline.

These insurgents have in no concept of patience, have invested into interests, patiently teaching themselves our ways of life, our version of history and the effects of timeflow on such events in our history to better progress their assault.

All conceived lives of pivotal figures who have been synthesized anew and introduced into the timeline…some incorporated from scratch, missions sent from their inaccessible spaceship in a variety of mortal disguises. …. assignments sent to change or promote history towards one final direct moment.

Now, through vast complex calculations and an application of algorithms of pioneering spatial technologies, ministered upon the causalities of space-time a revised usage of timeflow is being more carefully implemented…

An assault that commences with a mutual pact of self-interest made with Hassan-e Sabbāh, the head of the Nazari Isma’ili and An order of trained Hashashin found defensible in the impenetrable fortress of the Persian Alamut…

An agreement with their orders from the new powers that be now under the introduced of the new rightly-guided caliph of official edicts has begun an all-out war of assassinations on figures of power whom still maintain once held such vast vestiges and power and current dominion.

A perpetual war that they are determined to win at any cost, to secure a divine mandate and open sovereignty for the future Ummah and allied lands.

Orders received which the Hashashin have been appearing (purported to be from the Caliph himself) to perform these assassinations have commenced without question upon a gallery of present figures of circa 1113 AD.

Elsewhere, the mighty crusader knight and King, Richard of the Lionheart is left stunned in defeat, puzzled at the loss of his great crusade to the Moorish infidels…His dreams of claiming a united Holy Land for Christendom lie shattered to the victorious visage of Salah-al-din. His name and lineage lapsed into the annals into a forgotten obscurity…

And now the barbarian shrewd mongoloid leader chieftain Genghis Khan’s dreams of military conquest have been cut short of the Indian subcontinent and Persia minor.

Halted at borders by several dozen cohorts of a well-trained Mamluk forcing his troops north and elsewhere.

With these events and manipulations of timeflow have left the resulting bickering European nations in vast disarray direction of great destabilization of powers formerly known as Europeans to the uncultured heathen barbarians of the orient.

Far west now across to Italy, the multi-lingual ocean savvy Genoese sailor known as Christopher Columbus has also denied his place in history…a dream of discovering an uncharted untouched pristine continent across the ocean blue far west of Spain ha been laughed into derision by the then current reigning powers of Spain and central Europe.

Similar Events have reduced timeflow to a diminutive amount of manipulations
Leaving the timeline quite fragile and verdantly desolate.

The interlopers of time have engineered the downfall of the enemy, the vaunted “kafir” …all possibilities to an incumbent eventide coalescent along the broken future past a future now frighteningly uncertain for other representatives of civilization.

For centuries, the oriental tradition has now gained ground… enlightened, valorized, incumbent and openly united: have lied untouched from the primitive ravages or nearby warring feudal conflicts.

The fruits of which culture and tradition into magnificent prosperity: opulence, wealth and openly taught and schooled practices of wonderous magnificent hidden arts of Sihr like the interlaced various timelines have not been seen.

These individual iconoclastic figures of note, conjured figures sent from the insurgent’s purpose — kings, saints, dervishes, and mystics have helped build an eternal golden age of order and prosperity and civilization into the return of a magical gerontogeous world.

Free from the taint and casting shadows of European colonial imperialism, the now brooding shadowed powers of central Europe lie beaten, subjugated in seething anarchy.

An open despondency that has fallen into their own dark age where lawlessness goes unpunished and crimes are committed in every daily occurrence, in every street corner.

While these events transpire the oriental traditions have become of parochial prophetic importance, and a key linchpin to world government and trade, great grounds of foundations of futures of prosperity, have flourished like the holy Gulistan within the heart of the whole desolation of the desert….

The borders of this new orient have proclaimed the concept and passages of scientific inquiry as an abomination and have embraced the open practice of Sihr as the all-consuming pathway of enlightened civilization.

The respective faith of Islam, of the purest last revelation of God, has gone through a theological age of reason and renaissance…casting out the barbarian practices that once held importance.

Ritualised beheadings, the cruel enforcement of the Burqa and the oppression of the female gender are all but entirely gone.

This new world where the promise of women are equal (or better) in every way has been implemented as a cornerstone of the new Al-Nahda of faith.

The descendants of the Hashashin have founded an order of mystic fedayeen to whom guards the Shah’s palace and towering walls and his rightly guided interests with the peoples flowing ethers of divination. Truth has been metamorphized and direct representational between civilizations from east to west was lost for many a century.

Defenders whose guard the towering which, colossal towering magical gates have been fabricated and moved into magically constructed standards and lay eternal custodian to the vast new exotic landscape.

Introduced into this changed timeline are a new world of mystical practices and a landscape full of wonder and exotic scenery of soaring towering palaces, grand mosques and ancient old reverent temples.

A world of intrinsic of wonder…magical teleportation, brilliantly imbued flying carpets, visible mythical beasts, prophetic communions with angels’ devas and djinns are but daily occurrences witnessed within the various Shah’s nation’s and borders.

While the majestic trained Roc fliers fly and roam open turquoise skies, immersive enchanters of metal recreate divine names into amulets and holy cloth… far beneath the ocean, the wormlike Naga continue secret experiments with time in peace, yet with open means of war should it come…

Sihr is the all-consuming practice and the current prevailing pillar of faiths accessible to all but the non-Orientals. Their opposing forces European only see such magics through passing traveling traders who visit their barren but convalescent. To them, such a practice is veritable fascinating sorcery.

Sihr has brought unto golden era upon a time which, one sole shimmering figure, Sayeed Galal, has been guided by his own whispering mystical prophetic visions to navigate by vessel across the western sea to discover the hidden new world in the name for his Shah and the caliph.

A self-driven man with an unshakable faith of an expansive uninhabited undiscovered continent and sets sail on the ocean blue to discover and giving the continent a name — New Arabiya.

New Arabiya is a strange curiously vast uninhabited pristine untouched paradisean garden,

A continent ready for a foundation for a unique Islamic Caliphate. A Caliphate to which Sayeed will help direct and leads, rightly guided, into a pure sanctified destiny.

Still, ponderously…questions about these pro-oriental insurgents of time are still cloaked in mystery remain unasked and unanswered…veiled upon shadow in an absence of light …

What do they want? Where are they from? Are they from the past or are They from the distant future? Or perhaps somewhere completely else entirely?

Questions to which only the god-touched mystical of few are aware, these are seeking to find out the last unseen corners of the table where the truth lies hidden…

They, however, are not alone… For the timeline itself is strangely contesting, fighting back their manipulations. As if it was almost conscious…

Their unknowing feelings they are not alone in the nations, the desolate barren laid waste to the Europeans nations have found amongst them whisperings of a new messianic hegemonic leader who claims that the current history and time is not how it should be and is determined to restore their destroyed nations to the seat of power and halls of glory.

A leader which whom they have begun massing their forces, discussing, conspiring, to return this vision of earth to what they dream of… and are formulating a plan found in laying strategies…to send events in a direction that benefits them and not solely by the vicious subjugation.

They are determined not to be put down by anyone, anywhere, in any manner at all, In this timeline’s version of history or of any other.

A narrative, that begins with a chain of events chronicled set of events that begins with an assassination within the secular Christian quarters within the holy lands…


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