I Made Some Changes to the Steem Whitepaper

in #writing3 years ago (edited)

Dear @ned,

I am thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this community. Today, I went ahead and did what I could to make Steem an even better place. As you know, when whale's make large investments, they tend to look at everything associated with their investment to make sure they are making the right choice.

In the crypto world, the first thing they will look at is the whitepaper. Steem has a brilliant whitepaper! It also consists of over 12,000 words, so it is understandable that there will be some grammar mistakes. A whale might get turned off if they see numerous grammatical/punctuation mistakes. I went ahead and made sure that doesn't happen. :)

When time permits, please consider viewing this google doc link I made with the grammatical corrections of Steem's whitepaper. The corrections are marked red & bold for easier viewing.


If anyone sees more corrections to be made, please write below as I may have missed it. If anyone wants me to correct any other documents related to Steem, I was thinking I could do the SMT paper and bluepaper?


Good call on the edit. Grammer missteaks piss mee of.

the name fits. lol

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