A village amidst refinement

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Up Nepa!!! So much cheering around
Power has finally been restored
It’s been two months since I came around
yet not a single sense of civilization around
You can hear the children cheering with joy
rushing into their homes to answer the great call
Everyone excited to see the light
They all danced around with great delight

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In shock I watched everyone scramble
As the new turn of events made me marvel
Gatherings begin to tumble
Television sets starts to mumble
Click! Clack!! Click!!! Clack!!!!
Switches were turned on
Wrrrh! Wrrrh!! Wrrrh!!! Wrrrh!!!!
I hear our pumping machine working

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Thirty minutes later, lights out
I remember water has been out for days
We were down to our reserve supply
I saw the children sadly march out
The look on their face so sad
It’s like an enlarged sad emoticon
If only they could see the future
They wouldn’t be so sad
Children back to playing,
But they are mentally waiting
Hoping it would soon be evening
When they would have access to power again
The noise of generating sets around
Everyone supplying their own power
Wondering when all these will end
On the government we can’t depend

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A town in a city,
But no electricity
A town in a city
But no sense of living in a city
Bad roads, no electricity
Poor housing, no facility
Yet a lot of people we have,
Living in this vicinity

Over ten years since electricity was brought
Over the years, transformers have been bought
Yet no positive results
I wonder how the people have lived
I marvel at how they have thrived
If people are fed by electricity
Many would have starved
If people lived by electricity
Many would have died

No power, no electricity,
A village in a city
No power, no electricity,
A village amidst civilization
A town in a popular city
Yet they all live with no electricity
They can barely boast of any amenity
Well, sigh

God help our community.

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