500 Word Stories - “The trouble is, you think you have time.” - Buddha

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It’s 5:30am. My wife already drove off to work at the Cafe. She’ll be there until 2pm.


I’m sitting at the dining room table, fingering through Instagram. I could easily waste the next couple hours on my phone. That time would easily be lost. It would be a shame not to accomplish something worthwhile, as I am currently as young as I will ever be. From now on, I will only be older.

I take life for granted sometimes and forget that I GET to live the way I do, I don’t HAVE to do any of it. Any number of choices would change my life forever. I don't have to live any certain way. I could get a new job, educate myself in a trade, or move to any state or place in the world.

The reason I am where I am is because of the choices I have made in my lifetime.

“Take the next 40 minutes and write out your thoughts” I think to myself.

“What would I like to tell the world today in 500 words?”

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” - Buddha

I remember turning 23 on the Appalachian Trail, now I’m turning 33, celebrating my 10 year anniversary. Next time I look about I'll be 43.

Aging motivates some people to work hard everyday and accomplish their goals.

For me, I wake up and dread doing anything.

I sit and stare, lost in thought.

To motivate myself, I’ve set a goal to write at least four 500 word stories every week, to improve my writing skill and stick to a work schedule in the morning as soon as I get up.

NOW is the time to live in action and creation. The time is now!

I’m remembering to be grateful and joyful about the fact that I get to spend so much time thinking quietly to myself at home. Through structured writing, I've found a creative outlet for my thoughts which I get to practice for as long as I need.


Being lucky enough to experience complete silence in this insanely loud world is worth any price. What can I do with that time?

In a couple hours, my forever friend and I will take the work van to the Bonsai Nursery where we both work for a day’s wage.

I pull weeds from the ground and out of the pots, wash rocks and sift soil. It’s a very worthwhile way to spend my time.

Nature is our life force, breathing fresh air and vibing with the greenery. I feel recharged and content.


What are your passions? Do you currently get to experience them?

My wife had to sell her piano when we moved into our bus, as we simply did not have the space for it. She is not able to practice and work on what makes her the most happy.

What is your current hobby or project that you’re working on with your lifetime?