“What would you do in a world without people?” [Short Fiction]

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“What would you do in a world without people?”

Short fictionalized story. Enjoy!

My wife was furious with me. She had every right to be.

“Wah wah wah!” I childishly voiced at her, as she stormed out of the kitchen.

We were having another argument, about me being too childish, actually. Moving back in to my parent’s house probably had something to do with that.

I just got done ripping up another rejection letter. My writing sucks, at least everyone but me thinks so. Naturally, I was upset and pissed at how untalented I seemingly am. My wife was pressing my buttons, and I took it out on her.

A few minutes later, just as I was taking a bite from my bagel, my mom sat down across from me at the kitchen table.

“Marriage isn't always easy. Would you like to talk?” She asked, with bright eyes and a little smile.

“No” I replied, looking out the window.

“All I can offer is some advice.” She’s not wrong, still married, and has been for 33 years.

“You know, people are shit.” I turned my head and looked sternly at her.

“All people? Am I shit?” She asked with an unchanged face.

“Everyone.” I moved my head up and down in self-agreement.

“What would you do in a world without people?”

“Every-thing.” I replied as I finished my bagel, stood up and tucked the chair under the table.

“Mmmhmm. Okay,” she said with that same small smile, although her eyes had lost their sparkle.

I raised my eye brows and blankly looked through her as I walked to the guest room.

Laying down on the bed, I grabbed my phone and mindlessly scrolled around the internet.

I woke up 2 hours later, having accidentally fallen asleep.

It was past 5pm, which was odd, because we always drink coffee and eat sweets around 4:30. Why didn't anyone wake me?

Oh right, I’m currently fighting everyone.

I walked over to my mom’s room, and there she was, laying on the bed.

“Hey, mom." I got close enough to shake her. "Mom?" She was unresponsive.

Then I saw the note. It was laying next to her, on top of the dog’s stuffed animal. Even though both dogs have passed away, she’s slept with it for the past 3 years.

“One less ‘shit person’ around to bring you down. I hope one day you get to do 'everything' you want to do. I love you more than you’ll ever appreciate – Mom.”


Looking at her laying there, reading her note, I knew that I would never love anyone ever again.

Here’s to being angry and hating everyone. You’ll find yourself all alone in the end.


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