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This beautiful scenic picture from @shortsegments post today, which was very lovely.

A story:A teenager and his grandfather were stopped at a restaraunt on a highway on a long trip. The teenager was tired and hungry, the restaurant was empty, but the sign on the front desk said “Seat yourself, the waitress will be right with you.” So then entered, sat down at the first table and watched the waitress who was standing near the back talking to the cook. The two sat there for a few minutes, which seemed like an hour to the teenager, who soon started complaining to his grandfather that the service was so slow and that the waitress was ignoring them on purpose. The teenager’s anger slowly simmered to a boil and soon he was furious.

He was also very upset with his grandfather who didn’t seem bothered at all by the poor service. His grandfather calmly asked him to relax and said you don’t know what’s going on and neither do I. But I assume it’s a good reason and I am waiting patiently. The teenager began to think it was because the waitress didn’t like them and was purposely ignoring them. He was looking at her and getting ready to yell at her when she arrived. The grandfather noticed that he was angry and calmly told him not to speak until the grandfather spoke and insisted that the boy smile and be polite when the waitress arrived.

When she arrived at their table she said she was sorry a dozen times. She hadn’t heard them come in and she apologized and said she hoped they hadn’t waited long. The grandfather told her they hadn’t been there long and that they were fine. He then asked her how she was and found out she had been up late the night before caring for her sick child. The waitress proceeded to take their orders and provided the best service they had ever experienced. The teenager felt sad when he learned about the waitresses sick child. He was also embarrassed. He told the grandfather how much he admired his calmness and asked how can I be like you grandfather?
The reply was short and simple. Just remember it’s not always about you.

There are many reasons people may be late or rude or in a hurry that have something to do with what’s going on in their life. Their wife or child could be sick, they may have been fired, their car may have broke down on the way to work or ... the waitress may not have heard you come in.

Remember It’s not always about you.

Written by @shortsegments.✍🏼

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