My STEEMIT Journey is Ending

in #writinglast year

There comes a time when something has to end. Right now, it's my STEEMIT path. I'm in the process of powering down to gain a few dollars because these are HARSH TIMES and somehow - I need to find a way to pay my bills. As I work in the education sphere, my salary has dropped significantly but not the rent and other payments I need to make.


When I came here in 2017th, I didn't think about what will happen three or four years later but here we are. My support for the community has never been gone and I'm still on Hive but this place is not what I call home anymore. It has changed and so am I.

It's sad that division is stronger than our connectedness but everyone has their own path, and experience they have to go through. I have experienced both, the rise of STEEM to the moon, and a war between the two sides. I'm fully supporting free speech and decentralized authority, that's why I went with HIVE instead of staying here.

If 6 months ago someone would tell me I wouldn't browse Steem every day, I wouldn't believe that person but here we are. This is the first time in two months that I decided to come here and leave my ramblings.

If this post gets censored just because I talked about HIVE, it shows everything that is wrong with this blockchain.

Peace and love.



I hear you, it is so sad, I was really committed to steemit until all of this happened, I really never thought I would see steemit become so censored!