When you know, you know

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There's a feeling inside of your guts. You feel the energy flowing. It's nuts! Go forward, my friend, and you'll meet yourself. Take off your mask, it'll be good for your health. There's no need to act, enjoy the moment, react. Everything that happens will circulate back. It's a fact.

I really don't know what the text above was about. I went with the flow and wrote what I know, more specifically, what I knew at the time. I like how it rhymes, and how all the words I write sound in my mind. If you seek, you shall find, and I'm searching for a gem. It comes if you grind but I don't know when.

What's on your mind?
There must be something. Either it's a storm that's coming outside of your window or a task you must do or have planned to do today. Maybe it's a play or a story you're writing. Is that on your mind? Or is it the debt that you're drowning in? We all have something. What do you have?

It's a quest that you must finish to get to the next level. Yeah, there are side quests and you could live your whole life doing them BUT at the same time - you could be completing your main task right now. I don't what it is for you but it's something that will stay here forever. Something that only you can create because of that unique perspective of yours.

Start doing the work and the universe will react. Be in the now and you'll see all the signs. Synchronicity will become a part of your day. You'll no longer wander around like you're blind. You'll see that what you see is just an extension of your mind. Go and find. Your gem. Your meaning. Your grind.

with love, @spellmaker


wise words and full of wisdoms! 🤗