Day 1 - Freewrite Challenge

in #writing4 years ago

The ground is cool on my feet. They're a little sore from going barefoot
The sun just peaks over the sand
where am I?

At least it's not hot...
or is it.

Just as the sun hits my forehead I feel an oppressive heat. This is going to be fucked
How did I get here.
My throat hurts

Then I fall back to a seated position. I lick my lips. They feel like peeling paint on an old house.
I shouldn't have done that.
The moisture stings. I have the unbearable need for moisture.

I'm knocked onto my back by a whooping of wind. A silent ship is before me and the sand is blown away.
I'm sitting on bare rocks looking.

A small pyramid floats through the bottom of the landed chrome beast. In a flash of light it strikes me in the head.

Everything goes dark. I don't like this.

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