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Hello everyone, Today is Monday and as you all know we announce the Talent of the week on Mondays. Last week, we failed to announce it because we were touring and we did not have internet.

This week it became really hard for us to select one post as we had shortlisted five of them and all were equally attractive, educative and organised but we had to pick only one.

While selecting this post we observed it's worth for steemit community. Now we leave it on you guys to read it and give it your valuable upvotes.

Highlights of this amazing post.

Bravo @ayerz you deserve an applause.

This post provides eye-opening information for newbies. We believe that all newbies those who seriously want to grow on steemit and are serious content creators will be benefitted from this post. Rest we leave on your Wisdom. :)

The link is mentioned below:

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I will resteem your post to over 72,500 followers. Read my profile @a-0-0

Congratulations @ayerz on winning Talent of the Week Initiative!

Hey @steembulls, Congratulations! Bodzila just upvoted your post with 33.33% power. Keep up the good work!

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congratulations buddy .... @ayerz

Congratulations!!! @ayerz

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