6 Ways You Can Make Steemit Better for You and All of Us, Starting RIght NOW! Act Like You Own the Place!

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"You act like you own the place!"

Usually, when we say this, it's not meant as a compliment, but here on steemit, it's true. Now, that doesn't mean you should abuse others or take advantage of your situation, but from the start, understand, the stake you are building is an ownership stake.

If you stop and think about what it means to own a piece of steemit, then maybe it can help you make decisions based, not just on your own benefits today, but on the benefits of steem for the long term.

I think if we all started acting like we owned the place, in a good way, we'd see changes that would solve many of the challenges we face. So, here's what I think that looks like.

Stop expecting people to fix it for you

There is no govt here. No police dept. No court system. You're going to need to solve most of your own conflicts. But, we're all autonomous and if you get busy and ask for help, you might be surprised what you find out. People will help you!

  • Start by reading the "Owner's manual" top right corner, click the button, read the FAQ, Blue Paper and any and all articles linked there for new users.
  • See a feature that needs to happen? Find a dev and get started, it's a brave new world and open source blockchain means self service (if you're from Oregon, that might be difficult for you to get)
  • You might be part of the problem (voting for huge payout posts to get curation) so stop contributing to the problem BEFORE you start complaining mkay?

IF you want something, go get it, or pay someone else to get it for you!

We're all basically franchise owners of this thing, so, when you need something done. Do it! Or offer a bounty to get it done. Take initiative

  • Your ideas ARE just as valuable as everyone else's, they're just busy working on theirs, it's a free blockchain, go for it!
  • No one is standing in your way. If you don't know how, build the skills, none of these people were born developing blockchain apps.
  • We are making this up as we go along, so pitch in instead of complaining about what someone else is doing.

Greet the customers when they come in the door

Customer service surveys reveal that a huge factor in getting repeat customers is making people welcome. Yeah, Walmart Yellow Vests saying hello sometimes irritate me too, but it works!

  • We've got 50k immigrants coming to our land every damn day. if you don't go greet them off the boat, you're missing a HUGE opportunity.
  • There's money to be made in helping the newbies, with posts like this one, give it a try! Users like @markrmorrisjr are a big help to newcomers and they get paid well to do it!
  • If you need: followers, readers, viewers, upvotes, resteems and comments, there they are. They are just waiting for someone to show them where to go.

Take some pride in what you put in the front window dammit!

There's a reason all of the stores in a chain look the same. It's called a setup card. It's a picture sent by corporate to all of the managers, showing them EXACTLY how to set up their displays. It's not because they can't figure it out, it's because some of them are idiots and some of you are too!

  • Don't post links to crappy posts you didn't care to work on to Facebook and other places, you're making yourself and me look bad! The steemit name belongs to all of us, as much as the company!
  • Be a good representative of what it means to be a steemer. This includes educating yourself so you can answer basic questions, or at least tell people who to ask, okay?
  • When I go out to encourage my friends to come and play with us, I'm representing you, me, @Ned and all the rest of us. I'm aware of this and try to represent you well, return the favor.

Don't dress down employees in front of the customers!

There are times the trending feed is filled with rants, complaints and flame wars. Geezus people! I was in a McDonald's one time and heard a manager rip a kid apart in front of me. I went back in and told that manager what I thought, then I called her boss and got her fired!

  • There's new people in here. Be nice. Yeah, I get, they're reading this post too. oh well. But seriously, you can be kind and still get your damned point across, cool?
  • If we treat each other badly, where is the incentive for the newcomers to build positive projects and add to an overall copecetic mood?
  • It doesn't usually fix it anyway. Lobby the witnesses. They're listed all over the place. Use a tip message to send them your concerns.

Clean the restrooms once in a while

If you find things that aren't working, familiarize yourself with git hub. Most projects have a bug reporting thread. Use it. You'll find devs don't want their work to be sloppy anymore than you want to be inconvenienced.

  • Nobody likes to use their vote power to flag stuff. It burns up money making power, but when it needs to be done on a post, or comment, do it!
  • There's no reason to put up with abuse. Go to the abusing profile and find the "mute" button in the top right and use it.
  • If you see erroneous information being shared, correct it. Be nice, but say something. That bad advice could literally cost someone their life savings in here!

If we all start taking responsibility for how things are done around here, then maybe we can be the change we want to see. Who's with me!

I love Upvotes but Resteems on this one are even better!


I like this-- a lot-- because it's basically good sound "straight talk" about what it takes to get along not only here, but in social media in the broader sense. Nobody is going to hand you anything on a plate, and you are not "owed" anything simply be merit of being here.

Resteeming this one for a little extra visibility.

In a lot of other platforms, there are official "police" and procedures, so in that way, Steemit is even more an experiment in self governance. So, I agree to an extent, but I owned a social media marketing firm for several years and you can't handle things yourself on platforms like Twitter, or Facebook in some instances without involving the "authorities" there really is no such thing here. That's not even something there's a protocol for. It's freeing to me, but frightening for many others, I guess.

The "self-organizing" aspect is one of the things I really appreciate about this platform. If spammers and scammers come in, groups of users here recognize how that's potentially destructive to the entire platform and they take steps-- through some form of consensus-- to change things. We don't have to wait for "some moderator" to take action.

You're right, of course, this is really a giant social experiment.

Yep, it will be interesting to see what it all looks like five years from now.

Not that anyone owed me or any other Steemians anything, but I must say that in the beginning I would have appreciated a wingman and am just now finding Steemians offering very good advice. Admittedly most of my talents are not found online. That being said as owners to assume a healthy and balanced responsibility to offer early advice to newbies would be massively helpful. newbie tag section for beginners to enders to support one another. All for one and one for all. Ya know?

You're both right. This network (and us) lives and dies based on user interaction. If we're all a bunch of shitheads who attack each other for asinine reasons, we will see a decrease in Monthly Active Users. Twitter is learning this the hard way.

And building up the newer users is a very, very good idea. It's more followers for you, and they get help navigating our community. Let's be honest, it's a little strange...

It is very, very strange. I've learned to master every social platform that's come along for my own purposes. This is the most complex of them all. Money changes everything when it comes to human behavior.

This post stands on its own.
I like your mindset to go greet new steemians.
They will become your followers.
Good stuff.
Keep on steemin'

Thanks! The proof is in the pudding. I get visits from people who I helped start here a year back. They aren't plankton anymore!

I do the same thing and it's working great for me! I've got followers that came up with me from 18 mos ago. Some of them still upvote a lot of my stuff when they're on the platform.

Dammit your analogies are great! Seriously, your passion for this platform is inspiring, I almost feel like I could conquer the world after reading this. Oh wait, Steemit's already doing that, I think I'll join in. What has struck me the most in my short time here is the caring attitude and the effort on the part of the more experienced to help, educate and uplift the newcomers. Thank you for your valuable contribution, I am learning everyday with posts like these. Not to blow my own trumpet, but on the subject of non English speakers, I had a comment on my post in Indonesian, all it took was a billionth of a second to get the English translation from Google and respond appropriately in the commenter's mother language, and what a lovely language it is! On the topic of flagging though, I must confess that I will need quite a lot more time and courage to go that route, sometimes the best response is silence. Thank you for making the Steemit world a better place! Saya salut padamu...I salute you.

I don't disagree on the flagging. But, if you have abusers, the only recourse is the flag system. There are no lifeguards in the steemit pool. And the translation possibilities online are AMAZINGG! I ran across a post in French yesterday and presto chango, there it was in perfect English. Wow, what a world! The future is here for sure! Traveled in France this summer, by smart phone we translated placards at Versailles, the Louvre and the Catacombs. amazing

Fantastic! The electronic era is full of benefis. I'll give the flagging some thought, I suppose there's an obligation to keep the community safe. PS I see I follow your buddy, I know he's a bit of a stick in the mud regarding bots, 😆 what's your opinion? A friend of mine gave me a rundown on how they work as he uses them. He's dedicated to the community but he's looking to grow his income, moderately but quickly. Which could take quite some time for the latecomers.

Well, I will say we both occasionally use them, but only after a post has gotten "stuck in the mud" and isn't going anywhere, and only on a very limited basis. More for the upvotes than the rewards. It's psychologically MUCH easier to cast a vote for a post with 50 votes than 4. I think, in an ideal world, I'd love to see all steem accounts run by their owners and manually curating, but that ship has sailed.

also well said...

I've been aware of Steem for about 18 mo. Some of the issues are not new to me. I've been an active Steemian about a week. This is, perhaps, the best post I have seen so far. Not only will I resteem and upvote, I will also keep referring back to it . Outstanding suggestions but more importantly , the class you have shown.

Thanks, I appreciate the support. Stay tuned, I'm about to launch a ten part tips course.

The First Rule of the BlockChain is
there ARE no rules on the BlockChain
you're playing with the big boys now.
The Second Rule of the BlockChain is
what happens on the BlockChain
on the BlockChain


keep that in mind
mind how you play

That's pretty much what the hell it boils down to! And a good rule of thumb is, don't do anything to anyone on the block chain you wouldn't want a cell mate doing to you in prison! LOL

or that you wouldn't want your great grand daughter to read about in the future.

Absolutely. Do unto others...

BlockChain changed the rules
Now nobody can run
And they certainly can't hide

I'm all about transparency, if its on all sides. Problem with societal "transparency" is its all for them and none for me. LOL

Pretty good letter to shareholders!

hey, thanks! I appreciate your support! Come back often.

Thank you for writing this post, I agree on all of it!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you! I didn't got into it, but I think this is a general attitude in society, at least American society.

Very much so in europe too.

It is easy to loose the manners you possess when online, but looking at Steemit as your own property it is also easy to act polite :)

Well, I don't know if I'm "polite" but I try to treat people with dignity. Thanks for the comments! Come back any time!

Semoga aplikasi dan program yang anda buat itu bisa membantu orang tuk lebih maju kedepannya dan juga bisa menghargai satu sama lain

Semoga aplikasi yang anda cipta bisa membuat semua orang lebih maju kedepannya dan saling menghargai satu sama lain.

This has been very encouraging. I'm a new steemit user and I could use all the help I can get. But this post has been really helpful. Would you mind helping me build here?

I'm here to help. Best tip is to check out my buddy, @markrmorrisjr he's working on stuff I'll be helping with, specifically for guys like you. Look for his giveaway post and get in on the hashtag contest in today's post on his blog.

Upvote and Resteem! Check my posts please. Much love

Thanks, I'll gladly take a look!

Thank you. Am blessed and overwhelmed by this write up

Thanks, what a kind thing to say. Come back any time!

I own the place. I don't even need to act.

Well, I hope you know what I meant by that. It's the taking pride in your space kind of ownership we need.

Act as you own ot but limation of bandwith and vote rating limits us new users

Did you even read the post? What do your limitations have to do with taking pride? You got in for free, right? SO, what's to complain about? Where else can you start a business with a potential like this, for free?

Yes the registration is free. However not everyone on here is for Business only. Some are just happy to see new platform for socializing and get in to crypto world. Limitations like posting link address and uploading stuff with certain votes and bandwidth only.

Sorry I meant Limitation in using app not in taking pride. We can give positive or negative feedback on usage cannot be considered as complain

You're stating it in the wrong place. I'm with you. And acting as if you own the place, in my book, means when you get past the point you can take care of yourself, you should probably help someone else. Check out #dolphinschool to see what I mean.

Lot's of common sense in this post!

Hey, thanks, unfortunately, common sense is becoming increasingly less common.

Hey Im new here so this is pretty cool to know the proper ettiquete it makes perfect sense and I learned about the no payout option to get here aweful nice of you thanks again

Thanks for the nice comment. Check out the hash tag #dolphinschool for a lot more information on getting started right. Good luck!

I liked your publication, good information.

Thanks appreciate the comment!

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Wow great advice. I thought of my Steemit accont as a business, but, I didn't take it to the next level and think about making decisions based on the good of the whole community. I try to create good content and invest a ton of time into my art, and slowly I'm starting to learn more and more about how the whole thing works. I'm not a programmer and don't want to be, but I could certainly learn a bit more about how to introduce Steemit to people I tell about it, and who to refer them to for the best most up to date tutorials etc...

Well, a great place to start is the top right corner. Click that menu button and select Welcome for a ton of good stuff! Also, my buddy @markrmorrisjr is doing some cool stuff on his blog for minnows. He's gotten a lot further than me. He has a giveaway on right now, SBD for one participant and free promo for all of the others!

Awesome thanks, I didn't know (or I forgot lol) about all the links there to articles to learn about Steemit! Checking out Mark now :)

Awesome, yeah, follow Mark. He got me started! Come back often!

Great 👍🏼 Post

I resteemed for sure. Would love ❤️ to upvote but it doesn’t count for much just yet so sharing will hopefully be better!

Are you able to set your percentage yet? If so, you can even do a 0% vote. It's a psychology thing. The more people vote, the more people want to stop and see what's up. thanks for the resteem!! Stop by often. By the way, my buddy, @markrmorrisjr is doing a SBD giveaway on his blog. Look for the post and follow the instructions. He's a great one to follow.

Unfortunately no 👎 i still can’t set my level but I’m going to upvote right now because I’ve been recharging over night.

Thanks for mentioning @markrmorrisjr I started following him yesterday after seeing one of his posts. I’ll look for the giveaway post thanks.

You are most welcome. Stick with us, we'll get you into the place where you can adjust your vote in no time!

Thank you for covering several extremely important points here. I'm planning on doing something similar to Mark about how to keep new plankton here as well. We all need to be doing a lot more, and greeting them when they first come in the door is a HUGE first step towards that.

Resteemed as well. Keep spreading these messages.

One thing I've thought about is creating an "Unofficial Welcome Team" -- a group of us dedicated to greeting 10 or so new Steemians each day, and working to share their stories, reward them for creating a strong introduce yourself post and sharing some important pieces of info with them. For example, a YouTuber dropped in a couple of days ago and shared their intro post. In the comments, I mentioned DTube, which they had never heard of -- those little pieces of info "Make sure to check out..." will help them buy in early and get them more involved in the Steem blockchain instead of just checking Steemit out a little and leaving after a week.

I love the unofficial welcome team, loop me in. I know Mark well enough to know he'd be totally down to help with that as well. What a super cool idea!

Okay great. I'll move forward and come up with a one pager based on this idea to share.

That sounds awesome!

HEY! Count me in on this! I'm really excited by this idea. Awesome.

Awesome! The one-pager will be open to any additional thoughts and edits, but will get the idea rolling. Expect to hear more around 2/10-2/13, will be gone on vacation but thinking on this and working on the idea when gone. Take care and thanks for backing what is so far just an idea. I believe we can make a big difference with this though. Thanks!

Can't wait to see this! Very cool.

Absolutely! There's a small group of steem users on Facebook I'm in. I'm pretty sure some of them will be interested as well.

You got my full 100% upvote.

Well done dear!

I am spreading this post across the interwebz!


Thanks Ashley! Been meaning to say some of this for a while now!

"If you see erroneous information being shared, correct it. Be nice, but say something. That bad advice could literally cost someone their life savings in here!"

So true. The more Steemit grows, the more wealth it creates the more the system will be abused.

But it would be a mistake to assume Steemit is a lawless crypto-frontier Dodge City where there is no recourse to justice.

There will be lawsuits against those individuals, or individuals acting in concert with others to downvote and wipe out somebody whose opinion they don't share, thereby causing not only 'matierial damage' (for loss of income and earning power) but acting against the US Constitution by denying the guarantee of freedom of expression.

Be happy blockchain ensures you can't run
And you can't hide
Which should make it a better place for all

Man, I hope not. I'd rather see a court set up here, on the block chain. The more we ask those f*ckers to decide things, the more we acknowledge their power over us and give them the tools they need to regulate this out of existence. The constitution, while a wonderful historical document IMO, does as much to establish the authority it purports to protect me from as it does to limit the power of that authority. It's great when the representatives represent, but that hasn't happened for a while, if ever. @steemgoblin

I agree with the majority of this, though, it isn't always possible to focus on everyone's positives. In my videos i call out bad behavior as much as I recognize the good, only because, as you said, there is no police, and everyone has to figure this out for themselves. Lobbying the witnesses is a nice idea, but ultimately, if there is someone acting inappropriately at the top, there's basically zero chance they will do anything about it. Yet, if newbies hear that a specific person is abusing the system, maybe then they will at least not follow them or upvote them. Not that it's a huge impact in the long run, but it's all we can do on the bottom. Great article though, there couldn't be an experiment closer to a Libertarian utopia than this. We shall see how it all pans out!

Here is my reply to that. I don't think this post was overly "optimistic" or "Pollyanna" we can be blunt as hell, while still showing the bad actors how, in the long run, their own behavior will be isolating and detrimental to their end game. So, I think we don't have to focus on THEIR positives, but on positive improvement for the steemit eco system as a whole! But, I love it when people don't just take me at my word,but have their own way of seeing things too. Thanks for the substantive comment! Come back often!

What a great post, no punches pulled and that as it should be. A newbie like me need to hear it straight. so a big thank you.

Absolutely! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment! Also, I'd recommend following me @markrmorrisjr and getting in on the giveaway post I put up a couple days back to get some FREE promotion. And, follow @steemgoblin

Really good summery and I hope many will read your article to understand better

Thanks, so far, so good!

Very good content. Enjoyed reading it.
Resteemed and followed
Check out some of my posts.

I will do that Doc! Just as soon as I catch up on all these great comments! Thanks for the support, much appreciated!

well i love this specially the part of stop expect ion from others

Thanks, well, it's just not fair, especially here. This is a self service environment. The whole concept is that they built this great playground and we get to choose what happens on it. We've been so limited in our personal liberties for so long that most people just want someone to tell them what to do!

Well said! Voted and resteemed.

Thanks! I really appreciate the support!

I think I have issues in dressing down my staff. I thought it did make them drop their ego and pride which have made the organization's objectives remain secondary. I will turn a new leaf and apologize for this. Thanks for the post

Well, the way to remove ego and pride, is to model humility and service, the exact opposite of dressing down. Life is ironic. We must lose ourselves to gain ourselves. Steem on!

Wise words goblin

Great article, I agreed with some of it, considered some of it. I would like to make it required "Reading for Consideration".

Well done.

Thanks, I hope to God nobody just accepts what I say wholesale, what a waste of a thought provoking post that would be! HA! Thanks for the great comment. Come back any time.

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