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If you ask us about an activity that could change us the #life (apart from entering Steemit: p) we would recommend just what they are doing at this moment, #read. Maybe we hated it because the only books we have taken have been forced by our teachers. Or it may seem like a cliché very trite and not even pay attention. Yes, it is, but it still gives us great results .

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This time we will emphasize the importance of the #read, which we firmly believe has the ability to improve our perception of the world (In fact, it may well be another reason to enter #Steemit more often than any social network) . Join us in this interesting article and in step give #vida to a lot of #letras that appear on your screen.

Live reading

Reading is an action that we already take for dominated since we have memory, which causes that during our day to day we end up despising it.

For example, many of us are in #Steemit to write what happens in our head and, incidentally, generate income. But few realize that we could not be good #writers without reading various authors.

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And there are many benefits that reading gives us. So for that reason, we decided to make a small series of posts to remind us of the magnificent tool that we have integrated into our brain, but enough to chatter and start structuring.

Letters of the past

We do not know when or where exactly the first #writer and reader originated (because to have a writer, always there will have to be a reader, otherwise they would only be meaningless squiggles). What we are sure of, is that it is a quality that distinguishes us from the entire #animal kingdom and was fundamental for our evolution (another good point to value it more).

Even so, very few people gave themselves the luxury that we obtained from the primary school, for a long time, reading was a privileged activity of the upper classes

Not all the forbidden is bad

We do not need to be great historians to know why governments did not promote reading among its inhabitants, in fact, we can summarize it in a simple sentence: "A cultured town is a dangerous town."

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It does not mean that reading makes us hostile, on the contrary, it can save us from such unnecessary problems and makes us capable of dealing with situations in a peaceful way. Now, what are we doing with all this?

Legal people, desired government

On many occasions we have witnessed cases of #corruption or #abuse of power on the part of the authorities, so fed up we are as a people, that it became an indispensable phrase for the presidential candidates: "The change is in us, we will end this once and for all. for all".

But really "the change" is already inside us? On many occasions no, all we have inside us are programs #basura de #television or #youtubers that do anything to eat.

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Currently we are not forbidden by #reading, we are only distracted from it, and this is just one of the reasons why we consider it #important for our #lifes, with it we can move forward as #society.

Of course there are also empty readings and without #sense (or books are saved from having junk content), but even in those letters without joke can exercise our brain more to #imaginate hypothetical situations than if we see a youtuber doing "the challenge of the habanero pepper ".

This has been all for the #article of today, for now, how important do you think reading? In what other aspects of our lives can they influence?


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