Greatest post ever, thanks for turning a huge smile on my face today :-)

There is what you write and there is how you write it, the latter defines clearly more of you

The truth is that the more you open to someone, you knowingly make yourself susceptible to their projections that may or may not have a solid ground.

It is all about projections coming from a 'my world' vision, 99.99% of people are like that, don't bother @szuri. 'Opening up' is meant to reduce the projection aspect, it's a good thing and you can't blame yourself if it doesn't work out.

This all aside, so happy to get a better view on Steemit's greatest author but i stress again that this view is not based on the facts you produce, it is the how that defines the beautiful mystery you are

I am clearly letting go here, i have my projections also, no doubt, but i will never evaluate you within these boundaries, a constant re-evaluation of everything is true wisdom, true pleasure and 100% way to go, great post @szuri :-)

My wise friend @bubke. You know my weaknesses but you always manage to emphasize my strong qualities. Thank you! ❤

There's always something very satisfying when you read a well-written post full of honesty and a bit of whimsy.

Thank you @rocking-dave :)

I thought I knew who I am much as possible it is to know yourself. I guess I will never fully know myself since I won't be faced with every possible situation there is out there.

But when they put me on hormone treatement ( alooong time ago) the whole experience made me ask myself ... is it rly the quirks that makes us us? Is it truly the culture, housing, clothes, styles ... the experience? Or at the it just hormone balance?That weird coctail of em in your body ... dictate your mood, dictate when u wake up, when horny, when hungry and at the end your thought train and how you make your decisions.

Exactly. No matter what we do, we won't be able to have a solid sense of self

Glad you don't need that treatment anymore. Hormones imbalance is rough... it can have a knock-on effect on all areas.

I would like to share a video, sensed with an open mind, that may help you know yourself better Ema.

(To be read afterwards):
Despite if what said was true/not, grains of truth, to me, appeared evident. (esp spirituality)
Characterize myself as a 4/5, maybe you a 6?
Felt some ambivalent on parts of the conclusion - indifference, my guilt at immorality)

Question if what you have described before is the influence of the voices present at your birth, when living the experience of death?
Sending ❤

Going to watch the video so I can answer :) ❤

Good video! I don't understand why I gave you a 20% upvote @outtayourbox and it showed up as $0.0?

I often ponder what makes me, me.

I do this a lot also. But your ponderings have produced an interesting list ofyouisms. A list of positive uniquenesses, from what I can see. Some quite peculiar, and fascinating. Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes of your author world. :)

Thank you for stopping by, Scott.

Much appreciated!