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Thank you


Dear @szuri,

What you write is not a cliché. It is something that many of us, if not all, live in everyday.

If I tell you don't be afraid, it will sound cliché because your fears are real inside of you. Your fears hijacked your mind and made you hostage to them. But no one can help you break out of there unless you want it yourself.

Within you, you have the keys to the prison doors and the power to chase out those hijackers. To refuse to submit to them. To reject their control over you.

I am sure you have all it takes to be free of your fears because your grandmother has prepared you for 23 years. She taught you how silly these fears are and how weak they are. You learned to laugh at them and chase them away with her.

Now, you can do that on your own, that is why she is not beside you anymore. She left our world after trusting that you can handle them and she is watching over you now and will be watching over you forever.

Remember her words to you? Remember her laughs with you? Remember how safe you felt in her presence? Remember how courageous you were facing your fears when she was there to support you? Remember how amazing you felt after conquering your fears

If you say yes, that means all of these feelings are still inside of you. Your grandmother is also inside of you keeping you safe and giving you courage.

I am here and I would love to support you as well. Never hesitate if you need support. Never fear that you don't deserve or think no one cares.

You can do it @szuri. You can conquer your fears. Believe in your self which your grandmother believed in too.

Hugs <3

@theleapingkoala I am lost at words :) Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and yes, you are right, my feelings are still there, keeping me safe. I guess I am not always aware.

I have to work on many issues and this platform gives me the means to do it..the courage to purge them out...and to be blessed and surrounded ( be it virtually ) with humble, good-hearted people like yourself ❤

Dear @szuri, because you are a good person, you attract good people to you :D

Try to actively remembering your precious feelings whenever fears come to attack you.
Keep building them and adding to them whatever positive feeling you have in different occasions in your life (for example, if you felt supported and encouraged by my words to you, then add it to your other feelings)
With time, you will find that those feelings become like a magical wall protecting you. You will not be alone fighting those fears. All those people who gave you part of their positive energy are standing with you, fighting for you and protecting you :D

My dear @szuri I don't doubt from a second that what you decribe comes from the heart, but I think what you are doing by sharing yourself the way you are is exactly what you need to be doing. There is a lot of people out there that feel alone and reading your experiences can really help them understand a little more about themselves. On the other hand the fact that you are using this to fuel you creative side regardless of the sad overtones is not only healthy for you, but special for your readers. Anyways thats my two cents.. much love

Good morning @meno!

You know what? I thought I was getting better with some issues, but since I started writing, I noticed the issues are still there, lurking around the corner. And to be honest, I never wrote about it..this is the first time I am having an attempt at "blogging". And I do laugh at myself because when I read what I post, it just seems I am this giant blob of depression, wrapped in clouds of gloom. The funny part is that its partially true and there are days when I don't have any problem with this.

Things will get better in time and writing gives me this opportunity, to challenge myself and face whatever scares me the most.

I am lucky to have you in my "virtual" tribe.

I hate being scared....and most of the fears i snuffed out before they flamed out. But the thing that helps me the most (if possible) is organisation and preparation. The i dont care attitude does help too. :)

Thank you for stopping by @atopy

I need some sprinkles of I don't care attitude in my life 😁

Yes. I'm not shamed to admit...I had lots of issues with "what will ppl say". Partly cuz of my mother and living in a small village doesnt help. Guess what...saying smth aloud a lot of times makes u believe it.

Fears may vary....but reprogramming helps no matter what the fear is. :)

Ahh!! I can understand this very well.

I also lived in a small city ( village with apartment blocks 😂) and I had to break free somehow because I was facing too many narrow-minded people and I noticed it wasn't doing me any good.

8 years ago..I left and I don't regret anything :) I still visit my parents but I won't stay there more than a few days.

@atopy I agree. We must take control and redirect our thoughts in order to live a peaceful life :)

"good mantra for fear release!" :)

😁 😁 😁

I somehow believe that if I allow myself to be really happy, something bad will happen. So I dim my light and sit comfortably in my uncomfortable zone, on a rug made out of a never-ending pattern of defeats.

You are aware!!! and as I can see you knowingly choose to suffer...you knowingly choose to be "the fearful you" instead of being the "fearless You". Because of the beliefs "It's too good to be true" and "I'm not good enough" you don't trust in happiness....you trust more in the lack of it, your focus is more in "I don't have and if I'll have I'll lose for sure" Only You have the power to "change" to let go "the fearful you" and to be again the fearless You...no one in the outside world.
Meanwhile, as I can see from your post You are not afraid telling people "I’ve got fears, they’re multiplying"...and this is a good beginning.
And Yes this is a "cliché"...not of your writing but of humanity...losing their power in exchange for fear...loosing trust in themselves and waiting for the 'rescuer grandma' and waiting/searching and being in need for 'the rescuer'.
Don't be afraid to be fearless again!!!!
much love!

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