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Be cautious not to find yourself bewitched by the imbalance of power emerging from behavior that does more than to damage oneself. Many a time we externalize blame in haste without fulling understanding that our perception is only a mere fragment of a much larger truth and that every so often it causes collateral damage.

In a space of relationship were hard emotions are often felt and said, the child perceives everything.
Despite him not always physically participating, he cannot dodge the negative energy exchanged that claims that it's okay to argue and bicker with fists instead of a warm heart to heart approach.

And though he can't really quite articulate, he feels it wholeheartedly.



Now this is the kind of posts you would read more than once.
and undestand it differently everytime!
You made me immerge into very deep memories I didn't even think they still exist.
Thank you :)

Thank you for your kind words @hazem91 :)

...u write for a living? Damn...

Hah...I write only when I feel like it :)

So glad you are posting! You have incredible talent. Enviable at times. I want an szuri novella thats been edited and re-edited, refined until its so good i read it eight times to soak every bit of it up.

I'll let you know when the time comes @travelman. You will receive it first, regardless of where you are going to be at that time, on a mountain or the amazon forest.

On a mountain in the Amazon!

I swear you write in koans :D

Steemit.chat from time to time, especially when the page isn't crashing :)

Never tried telegram.

Postingan yang sangat bagus. Terima kasih sudah memposting ini :)
Saya senang sekali, karena sudah membaca dan mndapat pencerahan dari anda @szuri.

Sesekali berkunjung juga ke postingan saya. Terima kasih...