Hey, hey Steemit. I'm not a ghost yet ;)

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Shit, I've been quiet lately. Juggling life and blah di blah, blah blah blah, yakary smackery... is that how you spell 'yakary smackery'.. I have no feckin idea.

Anyway, back to uhm, what was I gonna say?

Ugh, my brain has just been one big ball of mush lately. So much happening that my focus has been a little off.

First off, I need to apologise to my good old friend and fellow Capetonian, @zakludick. The brakes on our Space Lore fiction has had to take a back seat. In fact, all content has. I've had to slam on the brakes, put my hazards on and wait until life gives me some time to breathe again.

With the way things have been going lately I've started writing some content then stopped midway... either due to time or simply not being able to get my creativity going or relaxing with the family or playing some VR or destressing, in one form or another.

I also need to apologise to my fellow @teamsouthafrica members. I haven't been around our Discord group much either, due to the same reasons above (taking a big gulp of an ice cold Blacky now). There's still some work that needs to be done there and it's been delayed far longer than I would have wanted, plus anticipated.

To those that have been following the Diary of a Serial Killer, I need to extend another apology. @mimismartypants, I know I said I'll try not to stretch it out so far in between entries, alas, here we are. I believe this is probably the longest gap to date :(

There are more apologies I can make from my side however then I'll just start boring the shit out of everyone. It's just been part of my reality that I haven't been able to commit and yes, many may say that we all get busy. For me, atm though, I need to put my efforts into what keeps a roof over my head and puts food on the table.

Things will ease out soon enough though and I'll be back, throwing out some jabs, hooks and crosses.

Fuck, I need to run off to get dinner going. I can hear the kids scratching in the cupboards.

Cheers. See you all soon!


No worries man. I know what it is like.

We will pick up Space Lore when we can.

I will be as patient with you as @fromage has been waiting for me to get back to him on The Autumn Keep. Hahahaha

Ahhh, thanks :)

Keep that pot 'a kooking

Soon, I promise, we'll be rolling and stumbling along ;)

Great post. I've been meaning to write something like this too, because life just gets in the way sometimes:).

I'm glad you appreciated the post :)
Yeah, I would be elated if I could just bang out post after post. Substantial stuff that just flows non-stop however that's not always a reality. Hence I thought, "Fuck it. I need to get something out" lol. See ya around :)

Lol dude!! The SA police force already located sarah!! That's how long you taking!! Glad to see you back!!

If you going to disappear again just delegate all your sp to me!! I will put it to good use and you won't have to apologise!!

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Well as long as it plays out in SA I have nothing to worry about, lol.

Taliking about delegated SP I still need to get some of mine back that I've delegated, ugh. Not much but hey, every bit helps. A fair thought though ;)

Your current stats should keep you going!! Anything over 50 you can still get by i reckon!! You on the otherhand should not be running out of RC's at all!!

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Yackety Smackety, welcome back badboy ;P Cheer$;)

Haha, thanks my brother man. That looks better. My version didn't look too lekke :) Juggle, juggle, faceplant, juggle, juggle some more :D

Hehe we like :P

Just do what you have to do first and never mind the rest, life gets like that at times!
Ours has been such a turmoil the past two months but hoping normality returns soon!

Yeah, tnx. Just feel a little bad about not getting around to everything but I just have to place my focus into those areas right now :)

Take care of yourself and family first @therneau life rules!

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