Steemit Holy Moment - Old School Logo Apparition

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Our family had a lovely Christmas, and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the same, or a lovely time with family for whatever holiday, or lack thereof, you have been, or not been, observing. Was that politically correct enough? ;)

Since our chaotic household contains a rambunctious toddler, we tend to watch an inordinate volume of children's television programs. One such program we consume voraciously is Peppa Pig. If you are unfamiliar, it really is a pleasant series, and is a very tolerable background to our otherwise bustling day-to-day.

As we returned home after making our festive family rounds through the day, it was time to get our littlest princess wound down. Queue Peppa. As the episode rolled along, I noticed something familiar. What could this be, rising from Father Christmas' mug of cocoa?
Clearly, this seemingly innocuous children's program was speaking to me. Or, perhaps, I am just more apt to recognize the pattern, having become newly obsessed with the platform. Or, it could just be that it was, after all, an animated depiction of steam rising from Kris Kringle's cartoon cocoa.
I vote something supernatural.

Surely, this was a greater force, issuing a persuasive decree, in an effort to increase my posting frequency. Yes. That was surely it.

Let's take a closer look.

Exhibit A: The older, familiar Steemit logo that so many of us still love/identify/cling to...
Exhibit B: An up-close look at said steam (Steem?!) that points out the similarities of shape, along with the shortcomings of my cellphone camera...


The stars have aligned. The whole of the universe is surely whispering sweet nothings into my very own ear.
Or. Just maybe. I've gotten a bit too excited about this.

Still a possibility.

Until then,


A possibility. A state of mind. A willingness not to disbelieve. That's the flavour of life.

Oh, but isn't it! That willingness gets a bit trickier with time and age- of course, those two come as a pair.