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RE: June 30 Days Writing Challenge - Life Hacks - Day One: Avoid Fighting With A Simple Visualization Technique

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The toilet rush right? Yeah, that will work but people's ego and arrogance at times will not allow them to calm the situation down.

That social media case, it is easier to exchange filthy words with someone else because you most likely do not know the person personally, and your paths might never cross. So one feels it is valid to exchange words freely.


With enough exercise, you can incorporate this in your automated response. It's quite funny after you get the gist of it :)

Oh. Now I get it. I made my comment based on the topic. I get the perselpective now. Instead of following the other person to relieve himself of his toilet rush, why not go your own way and have nothing to do with the filth, the smell, and the probable disgrace. Nice one @dragosroua.

Now to participate, do I have to write any life hack or I have to write on the toilet rush approach?

Write whatever you want :)

Please sir my post upvote done