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RE: Technology’s Influence

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@dragonslayer109, This is really a topic related to each and every parent in the world. When we were kids, there was no internet hence no apps and other related games. Today, the scenario is entirely changed. We used to watch the cartoon programs on tv. There were specific tv segments for kids. Now, we have YouTube channels for kids and there are further categories in this regard. Technology is not bad though I always keep listening to arguments of parents based on why Steve Jobs kept his kids away from computer etc. They should understand that the world has progressed to a level where everything is becoming part of the IT world be it kitchen, education, transportation, movies or even wars. So, if we keep our kids away from technology, we will be missing a lot. There are good and bad points for each and everything. The core is to balance everything. There are violent games and then there are non violent games. Both have different impacts on its users. Followed and Upvoted!


What you have said I strongly agree with, balance is everything.

I also believe balance but also adding parent involvement. How often do parents sit down and play with the kids. Minecraft pizza night is a lot of fun! Try it! Teach your kids to respect this www and have integrity when they use it.