Fading dreams

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There is a place I sometimes go in my dreams. It's an island or a peninsula with a high mountain range running the length of it. It has kind of a Lovecraftian feel to it.

In the middle of the range there is a stone fortress built on the cliff's edge at maybe 5,000 feet. It looks over the misty shoreline in the distance where the surf reaches as high as 30 feet.

Body surfing these waves is near impossible. I've tried it. The shore break is horrendous.

There is at least one town here, but it's mostly deserted. The few people still around seem to be at the University in the center of town. No one speaks there. Ever. They only look at you with disdain.

My daughter and I once went to the ancient and dusty library there looking for information on some thing.

In this dream land of mine, I am always being stalked, chased or hunted not because of anything I have done but because I am on the verge of discovering some dark secret.


Last night, I went to this place again and awoke with my heart pounding, racing. "I've got to remember this in the morning!"

I grabbed my phone, opened note pad and started swiping my finger across the keyboard. I didn't put on my glasses. I just trusted that my ramblings would be good enough for me to decipher later.

This morning, I looked at the note. My keyboard had been set to Spanish and that dictionary was trying to render my English swiping as Spanish. It makes no sense in either language.

Screenshot_20200802-105649_Samsung Notes.jpg

What a bummer... And I'm not partial to Guinness either.

Top image by darksouls1

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