It seems that I will be making more on Blurt

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I was introduced to Blurt either by @tomoyan or @offgridlife. I remember both of them posting things about it on hive, steemit and publish0x.

Blurt is yet another steem fork that happened fairly recently. I joined back in July.

I realized yesterday that I was on track to make more there than on the other three platforms I mentioned.

Here are screenshots of hive, steemit and blurt taken today (29 Sept 20) at about 1300 CST.




Let me break that down.

PlatformEarnings To DatePeriodETD / PProjection (1 year)
steemit38.9610 months3.89646.75
Hive30.2810 months3.02836.37
Blurt15.622 months7.8193.72

I did not include publish0x as they use multiple coins and what I've made there has been less than listed above.

I'm less than a minnow. In the beginning I thought that perhaps I would be able to make some money. I have since decided that I'd rather write because I like it.

But it doesn't hurt my feelings to get a little jingle in my pocket.


Blurt is the Best ..... I have 7,000 Steem Power on Steem and earn $0 on my Steemit posts ..... I have 16,000 Hive Power on Hive and earn about .50 cents on my Hive posts .... I have 45,000 Blurt Power and earn close to $10 USD on my Blurt posts..... I went from 6,000 to 45,000 Blurt Power In 1 Month from posting on Blurt. Https://

1 Blurt was $0.02 this morning... but then came back down to $0.01... but if you use blurt tags like blurt, blurtlife for your content you would earn more.

I always use blurt, blurtit. Blurtlife sometimes. Then there's blutography

something happened here 🤔

What happened?

I had seen that someone, and I had assumed it was you, loaned me something like 600 blurt. I noticed it went away a few days ago.

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