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RE: Technology’s Influence

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Hey there... A good article which makes us think about the topic. It's true in a sense that technology has entered into our lives beyond limits. And sensorship of it from children has also become difficult. On one hand kids can learn a lot with it, in case of YouTube's education videos, and on the contrary there are some grey areas of interenet can have a lasting imprint on the young minds.
Talking of GAMING, I myself have gone through the phase, as a student, when I would spend hours in front of my PC playing NFS games. It has indeed sharpen my reflexes which come in handy while driving, but my grades did get affected by that. One needs to strike a balance as excess of anything is not good.✌️✌️Peace..!!


I sympathize with you man, gaming part I understand and went thru myself lol. At one point I barely had time for my friends. Apart from that, I doubt that nowadays kids can be parted from tech. Those are their toys