Friday Emoji #ccc 2.03 Contest - Sport issues 🎯🎣♟♥🎰🏸

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Some 😍 sport, others don't.

Frequently if we think about sport we associate it with being sportive, healthy, social and a team player.


It is not about having fun.
If it comes to the attitude most active sportsmen (and women) are not sportive at all.👎
Bad losers, big egos, big mouths make them think they can rule them 🌍.

Aggression seems to be one of the habits.😠
The fame allows to beat up people, molest women 🥊, damage property ⚽, be drunk and kill as well 🥊⚽🏏. The more they earn the worse the mood seems to be.😡😠😈


It is a myth most sports🏃‍♂️🏊‍♂️⛹️‍♂️ are healthy.
There is brought more damage 😭😨🤢🤕🤒 as health to those who keep moving. The top athletes prove it.
Joint problems, infections, ❤️-issues and brain damage are very common. Sportsmen frequently quit before they are 40 years old.

🥈Social/a team player? 🤼🤽‍♂️🤾‍♂️

Many sportsmen can hardly speak, answer a question or pronounce the words in their own language.
They seem to stumble over each word. I wonder why.🤔
Did they never learn how to read, speak 🤐 and write ✍, do they suffer from serious injuries or is self-promoting not necessary since they are a hero anyway and social skills are not asked as long as you can kick a ball ⚽, throw a disc, swim 🏊‍♂️, jump high or drive a 🚘?

I doubt sportsmen are team players.
If you see yourself as a hero, a great personality or if you are fanatic, addicted to sport you do not care about team spirit. You care about your own need and this is natural behavior.

🥇Is there a need to be social, a team player?

At times there is. For example if, you need to survive or you can gain more because "together we're stronger" is important.

🏆Know yourself!

If you are not a great team player do not join a team, stay/play single (solo) nothing wrong with that. Go 🎣 and relax.

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