"Boo-hoo, they are flagging me, they ruined my account"


Come on, lil' buddy. You were pretending to be all high and mighty before and as you could see, there had been a good reason for you to be flagged. That's why your later posts weren't being flagged.

But now you're flagging only because you feel bitter.

I'm guessing you have other issues in life too, but you should understand this can't fix them. This won't fix you.

If you really make such big issues for these things, I guess you might actually need some help. We all can handle your flags, so I don't see them as an issue, but you should really get some help for your own sake.

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I always HATED having to write a Haiku - I think it was 5th grade? Anyway I see @preparedwombat is hating on you too- There is NO Reasoning With any of these types

I finally realized why you're constantly looking for my attention.

This post is ok..thanks for sharing

You are too worthless and stupid to be a journalist, you post shit from yournewswire

nice post.
hmm i like post you. 😊


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Just let people whine. You have the right to use your stake anyway you want, no one can tell you otherwise. A lot of people support other people being flagged, but when they themselves get flagged, they complain.

The flag is simply a downvote, it's no different than an upvote.

Keep doing what you're doing, the community needs more active flaggers anyway.

Hope your life will be good and more importantly, hope you will do something good with your life.

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Hi again,

As I think I mentioned earlier, I did have high hopes for you, especially for I assumed you had enjoyed using Steemit normally. Some of your content was quite good too, but I didn't follow you so I didn't interact with your posts.

It's a shame though, if you did most of it only for trying to get back at us. Or back at me. I'm not thinking that poorly of you, as we are both human. We have thoughts and emotions, ranging from good ones to bad ones - all up to hatred, resentment and bitterness.

I still think people are allowed to flag. I might disagree with many flags, but I'm flagging and I know people are flagging. I'm nobody to take the freedom to flag from others - even though I can try to reason with people for their flagging. To change my or the other persons point of view, sometimes only to understand.

Because even though our disagreements, I had explained why I had been flagging your posts and comments - and on the other hand, I hadn't flagged reasonable content from you.

You had noticed you had been posting for MONTHS and I hadn't flagged a single post from you. And as I have said, I'm not a communist.

But I'm honestly hoping you can find some enjoyment from using Steemit. You can keep on flagging me, it doesn't bother me that much. I'm in here enjoying the stay and for I can connect with different people - and find friends.

I'm hoping you can find joy from Steemit. I'm not a person looking for revenge. Even if you ever start commenting and posting again, I'm not going to chase them and flag them. Unless you would be posting something really dumb, but I know you can be smarter than that.

I hope you can get over this. If you won't, hopefully you are getting any joy from this.


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Hey buddy, I saw you had missed me. How have you been? I haven't seen you around lately, but I'm glad that price-drop of Steem has made you return to flag us.

I just delegated you a little bit to help, I like the fact that you stand up and downvote them back!
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.50.14 PM.png
Best voting track record I've seen in a long time! Swelker101 downvotes are worth their weight in gold in my book!Good Work!

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.53.41 PM.png
Thanks, good luck!

Waytruthlight beats his wife and kicks puppies

Waytruthlight tries to lure children into his van with candy

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