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My name is whisky or Ogogoro
I am the sweet enemy of man
The intoxicative devastator of man
I'm aggressively progressive in sending man
From the sublime to the ridiculous.

Alcohol, Alcohol, the devastator of man
I came into existence with arrogant pride.
I don't have wise men as friends,
The foolish I draw to myself to waste.
Through in mildness, I'm kind and rewarding,
But taken in over-dose, I'm wickedly wasteful.

In my coming into life,
I recruited two of my relations
My brother Weed, and my sister Woman.
We disguise ourselves in "3 W"
I Wine, sister Woman and brother Weed.
In our disguised selves, we attack unnoticed.

If I attack alone, my victim escapes narrowly.
If Brother Weed join me in the campaign,
There is very little hope in the doctor's care.
But if the Woman joins us in the battle,
And we all attack in all fronts,
The world will only exclaim: "What a waste"

The body of man we share into war fronts,
Brother Weed attacks the brains with smokes,
Sister Woman takes over his emotions,
While I, the General Officer commanding,
Takes charge of his nerves and mentality.

My twin relations are always very shy.
And so, fight their wars in secret places.
But, I the oldest of the three
Fight in open bars and hotels in triumph,
Leaving no man any room for escape.

The more men's population daily grows,
The more our doomed victims daily increase.
The more our victims brains are knocked,
The more men we pack off the roads,
Arranging them for disgraceful burials.

We are bound to win in our wars.
Because, while I daily come in newest varieties,
My Brother Weed, comes in newest varieties,
Sister Woman increases her catching looks
Together we shall fight, together we shall win.

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