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Hello my dear friend on steemit, I received a mail this morning to explain the meaning of the poem I wrote some days ago about woman. Here is the link to the post

This poem is about the intriguing nature of women. It explores the nature of the relationship between a man(husband) and a woman(wife). For example, Eve, the woman deceived Adam into sin and his destiny, therefore changed, from the immortal man to the mortal.

A man gets a woman and they marry, based on love and a high level of emotional play between them. But the husband in most unions becomes the object of daily negative discussions, of daily negative discussions as one who is causing most of her problems.

Man is very powerful and with authority over woman, but like a bull, this energy and authority are humbled at night. For example, he kneels and sometimes begs at night, "to achieve his pleasures", as if he did not pay bride-price to her parents at marriage.

The poem gives a life situation in which man becomes ignorant of what the wife tells him regularly. For example, the wife looses her loin cloth (even if the previous tieing is not weak) and reties it several times in the day. This she means: "if you fail to give me my life expectations, my children will do".

Hence, the poet submits to the situation and pleads with woman to have mercy on men, since God designed a man and a woman to marry, live together and bring fort children for a purposeful life. With such submissions, God's blessings will surely come into the union making, marriage worth the while.


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