Why 22.5 Witty??? Why? 🤔

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Yes, I'm Running 22.5

I've been debating about this over and over for quite some time weighing the pros and cons and the decision was difficult, but I feel, necessary. After seeing that two different new blockchains are in the works, I've decided, I'm staying and focusing my efforts on Steem. The original. I will play around a little over there on HIVE and support the fam, but not like here. I've seen true faces emerge and been bullied in several arenas. Why? Had things gone differently in certain situations, then maybe this decision would have gone another way. Doesn't change my actual friendships with people just because I may see things a little differently. Some may not approve, but after reading this, at least they will understand. Why am I staying here?
  • My loyalty is to Steem.

    • Not to the former consensus governance.
  • I'm here for the community.

    • Steem will live on, despite many efforts to see it fail.
  • Steemit is NOT Steem.

    • Once the light bulb brightens in Sun's head?
  • I'm not a puppet, nor will kiss anyone's ass.

    • Anyone who knows me, knows this is true.

To: @justinsunsteemit

Quite frankly, I think you were treated unfairly. I said it before, the hard fork covertly initiated by the former consensus band was as underhanded as a play I've seen made in ages. You were excited, telling all your friends about your new 'toy' and what you wanted to do with it. Some people saw this as a threat, refusing to believe that you needed an education on what Steem really is. And, I know you'll learn, and make Steem one of the greatest cryptos ever. You did it with XRP, TRON, and now you're here. I want to be part of that history. I don't fear change, I embrace it and adapt.

To: The ex-top 20

Out of your fear, you deployed a soft fork without any input from the thousands of voters that you claim to be representing. You turned many people against Sun AND BELITTLED AND BULLIED THOSE IN OPPOSITION OF YOU, and you can argue all day about your reasons. I won't believe you. I see what most of you have done, what most of you are doing and what you're about to do. You are all now back in the positions of power you lost (however temporary that will be). There wasn't a single mention about changing the governance on this new HIVE chain prior to launching. You'll see me, rest assured.

It's not a bad thing, change is good. When it is actually change. We all make decisions based on things that only weigh to our own agendas. My agenda has nothing to do with any former consensus witnesses save a few that have shown respect. In fact, none of you had given any kind of consistent support to anything I've ever set out to do or tried to do or ever once reached out just to say hey. I'm too radical. Or maybe my pockets don't look as deep to them. Who knows, I've always tried to be a nice fellow. Negativity gets you no where fast.

A New Top 20

As people start moving to the new chains, a whole new top 20 will be voted in here. Sun will do as he said, he'll start to remove his witnesses and vote in ones that he feels are going to benefit the direction he would like to see Steem go. Which is, THE SAME EXACT THING PUMPKIN/FREEDOM HAS DONE IN THE PAST. You guys wanted new investors and you freaked out on the first one that came along with some really high hopes. Not impressed, which is why a whole new top 20 needs to be in place.

The 'Ninja-Mine'

Can read my article by clicking that hyperlink up there. I've never really believed it was ninja mined. I've always been under the impression that the former owners of Steemit Inc had every intention of making Steem great and so they made sure to have their ducks in a row. Did they make it easy for others? No. People will claim it wasn't fair, but this is the wild wild west right now, nothing is really ever 'fair', but you'll get people whining about it every time. Hell, I've whined about hundreds of things. But you don't want to burn it or buy it so, what to do?

And then, I really have to scratch my head about this 'airdrop' to the new chain. It's great that we don't have to start over from zero, but how is there any value in a 'pre-mined' or 'insta-mined' coin? Isn't it almost the same thing as a 'ninja-mine'? Be a long time before it gains any kind of significant value, if ever - at least in my opinion and to me personally - and also to the rest of the cryptosphere. Especially since there are those on the outside of your private little box looking in and see that you'll fork out somebody. Doesn't matter who, just principle.

The Future As I See It

This is a list in somewhat chronological order as to how I see it all playing out. You can agree to disagree with me or say I'm smoking 'hopium' or call me an idiot. If not for Hope, I wouldn't even be here. I hoped to find something that felt comfortable. I found Steem. I hoped to make new friends. I did. Hope is more powerful than any snide, rude or blatantly offensive comment or message anyone will ever send me. Hope is what builds dreams. I will do what I feel is necessary to help others and myself, accomplish those dreams. And so, here is what I have seen:
  • Steem will remain, under new leadership (however guided) and still be Steem.
  • New devs will show up with new dapps and apps as others leave.
  • Other blockchains that surface will not quite gain the traction they desire.
  • In about 6 months to a year, Steem is going to get real interesting.
  • After Justin Sun asks his devs to 'turn steem into tron', they finally tell him, we can't - it's an entirely different protocol and actually is faster than the TRON chain.
  • Justin asks for advisement.
  • They say, move everything from TRON to Steem.
  • He migrates various ones to start and seeing the results, makes integrations for many (if not, all) of them.
  • He presses 'Full Steem Ahead' and unveils Steem in a whole new light - as the greatest crypto ever - forcing it into an enduring top ten cryptocurrency ranking.

Working With Someone

Fact is, nobody has actually tried working with @justinsunsteemit, it was a constant list of demands, arguments and the tearing down of his character. It's been a degrading bombardment since day 1 - when those threatened hopped in the private room to set this all in motion. He didn't get where he is by playing checkers all day. I've also said multiple times that this is a marathon, and I've got my running shoes on. If nothing more than my own hope and curiosity, I have to see how this plays out. I've been on Steem a long time and refuse to see it die!

New Witnesses

Moving forward, I will no longer support any witnesses here that are not going to at least try to work with @justinsunsteemit. Most everyone has already unvoted me anyway, so I'm really just starting from scratch. I appreciate the confidence and support still received from people and understand if you make your own choices. People on the other chain I still support will get my vote over there, no worries. But here, since everyone is 'leaving', I'm rearranging my votes to support people that have shown serious contempt and brought forth solution vs breeding dissent. Whatever you choose to do, REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

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@snook made this badass gif


You have my support @enginewitty, I want to talk to my friends in my team. They will surely support you as well

Unexpected and highly appreciated!

I don't agree with everything - but I love the way you stated your beliefs. and I admire you seeing something you hope to achieve here.

I'm over on hive, and playing on uptrennd - but GINA keeps telling me about posts and I keep commenting here too hehehe

I was ready to sell it all - but this morning, I decided not to.

You made a really interesting point about the cloning of our stake here over onto hive. I never really thought of if that way.... but now that I think about it - will others accuse us of having ninja-mined stake too?

We could say - well it was made public, and anyone had the same chance to buy in.... but... isn't that what people said about the Steemit ninja-mined stake?


I do disagree with you about people not trying to work with him. I know for a fact that offers were made to help him out behind the scenes. Don't know why he didn't accept those offers, and really - it doesn't phase me.

steemit is his, and he can do whatever he wants with it. Said that from the beginning. and you know that - cuz we agreed on that.

but as far as posting here still... hmmm i don' tknow. things have changed. The reasons I left a while ago might no longer be an issue.. but i know that I dont' have to make a decision for the long haul - right this second.

For today - my steem wallet won't get dumped. will i lose it all? could be. It's always a risk in the wild, wild west :)

but.... we'll see

love you J

L :)

Saw you on uptrennd and will be creating something over there. Got it on my TDL cuz @mariannewest over there too so gotta show that fam hugs🤪and I'll support the fam on HIVE too. Loves all n y'all and will be (am) there to prove it.

I'm sure someone can rationalize that it's a whole new chain but at the same time it's a fork. A continuation of sorts. But the fact remains, HIVE is not Steem and therefore are magically produced duplicates which forces them into the instamine category.

I think the fact that it was all trying to be behind the scenes, that he didn't like. He likes publicity and I feel he wanted to talk to everyone all at once and not people trying to make deals (again) as that backfired.

You know comments are technically posts, right?😜😆

Love you back sweetness🥰

hahahaha smartass! yes i do know they are technically posts.

especially as long as i make them

and yeah - come on over! it's a lot like the good old days... some bad, some good - but we just need to find our own way.

it will all be good in the end :)

Might be a week or so, still have a few hiccups to work out. How does that work, is it a 7 day window for voting like what we do around these crypto parts?

nope.. you can vote whenever!
just 3 times each day per unique user... but you can come back and vote next day on anything you missed.. its kinda cool! i'll send you some stuff in DM - no worries :)

no DMs for me till 2nd gosh

I kinda feel the same about most of it.. Gotta see how this story ends anyway..

What is Uptrendd?

ill tell you about it in DM ;)
i've been having a blast hehehe but i'm silly like that LOL

(i'll send you the DM tomorrow morning!)

I will say, I admire you for sticking to principles.
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Brother!!!

Thank you man!

I greatly admire acting upon your convictions. I'll admit I got a little caught up in the brouhaha, though I always understood jsun's point of contention. I'd be pissed too if someone froze me out of my money because of... reasons. I didn't like how he responded to it was my biggest issue. I viewed that as a treat to the integrity of the chain, but I understood why.

I'm glad to see you're still fighting what you believe in. That's inspiring.

Thanks man, everyone believes what they will and react how they do. I've always tried to remain impartial but admit, I get caught up in the drama too. Didn't like either action when it came to witnesses and Steemit, thought they were both hasty 😏

I can see your point and frankly, I don't trust anyone right now - well, I trust you. But don't really know if I even want to play much on either of the chains.The last hardforks, the lousy author rewards and all the downvoting that has been going on has sucked the joy out of this. And fighting is not my favorite thing either...
going to take this to DM

I don't blame you hun, been quite the bumpy ride this past year.

I figured this would be your decission to Stay on steem, and you know I support your choice. I understand the wish to Stay and not see the place that has been our home for so long to just Die.
I think its many who feel split and comfused right now, do I Stay on steem? Do I move to hive? Should I be on both?
And only each and everyone can make that choice for themselves.

Well written and you know you have my vote always ❤️ Stay you!

Just think of your posting wherever you want as your own personal Visa card and remember their slogan: "Everywhere you want to be."🤗🥰

Never really thought of it that way, but I will be on both as I like you are not quite ready to leave steem behind 🥰 love you

Love you too, you're always gonna be my P.I.M.P. :P

Ya I know you love the shiny little gifts 😜 shiver plessure.. Lol

You are always who you are!! 3 cheers 😊

You already know how I felt when JS stepped in, even before the drama started
I agree, both sides hands are dirty.... but then is anyone's hands clean?
Gotta just decide which 'dirty' you can live with 😆

I have thought about this over and over... I see both sides.... I understand both actions
It's a Damned if you do, Damned if you don't kinda situation eh

I agree with @moeknows....
JS came with a plan and then SF messed it up.
I would probably have gone on a rampage too if someone had applied the freeze on me
But having said that, with great power comes great responsibility
I wished he had made an effort to put his feelers out at grass-root levels
I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but I will stop rambling

I did hit power down, ready for a clean start
Then I see some that are on my "friend" list still adamant about staying (why you gotta be like that?😜😂)
So, after reading this post and giving it some thought, ... sigh
Gotta figure this one out...

Yes, Witty!! Why? Why?! 😂🤣😂

I'll be both places and everywhere the fam is hun. Crypto or not, just in my nature o support my loved ones in whatever they try to do :hugs:

As you know I didn't agree with the freezing of the funds. Hindsight is 20/20 and has the benefit of learning new details that could not otherwise be talked about while things were going on.

The situation would have unfolded much like it did even without freezing funds, the timeline would have been different. I grew up in a business environment. For all his education and training, Justin is no business man. He's an impulsive two year old when it comes to maturity and response.

He bought a d'app and got control of a blockchain, I'll give him that. If a community continues on Steem it will be despite him not because of him.

All that and more is why I'm powering down. I hope you end up being right if for nothing else than it means you wont lose anything.

Who knows? Maybe SUn will end up selling and then there will be rebirth? Either way, I am going to do what is necessary to keep this chain alive too. I'll also see you over there :)

I feel you. I'm kind of the same, but opposite. I kind of happened to come back on the scene after Sun had already bought Steemit. So I don't really have much to say about the buzz going on before the hardfork, but the explanation seemed to make sense even if it were a bit overboard in my opinion. I think had Justin Sun engaged us at that point, things would have been different. But that didn't happen so here we are.

I do think that had the soft fork not happened, right or wrong, Steem would be very close to being Tron right now. I think he had immediate plans to token swap. That's why the public Tron accounts acted immediately to direct it. They didn't act without direction. The SF threw a monkey wrench into that.

I think Ned sold him on the idea that he would be able to control the blockchain and do whatever he wanted with it. It's clear from his talks though that he didn't understand what Steem was. So maybe he has learned a lot from that and hopefully he will wait at least 6 months, now that he has something to prove.

The abuse that we allow to happen here has always been a sticking point to me. I wish I could say it was only on the part of whales, but I can't. THE truth is that very few here are willing to step in when they know they are over powered. So what someone's whole persona is getting decimated. I feel bad about it, but if I do anything, I'll be next. I see it will remain the same with Justin Sun. It's just a matter of who is doing the abusing.

I'll be migrating mostly to Hive. I'll still support the fam here...especially since Gina still notifies me when you jokers make a post, but I like the idea of starting the culture off with decentralization. This debate has opened the eyes of many regarding the failings of Steem which include the issues you brought up. I think we will have a better chance to build something different and unique over there. I'll probably keep what I've got powered up here, but I'll ship out my liquid for #Hive.

Some say @Dan is interested in buying back Steemit inc. If that's the case I'd be all in again depending on how much progress we've made over there.

Rumors have many a truth contained within them. It'll be funny if that happens and a flock of people come back over here😆

Gotta love Gina! I imagine there will be a similar discord botty botty soon enough. I'll need it😜

Yes. Also that altyes app. It will take off.

Yes, which is the biggest reason I'm still here. Checkers and chess and all that jazz😉

I love that last line of Whatever you choose to do, remember to be you! I've had a healthy dose of remembering who I am and I stand for as a person these last couple weeks.

Going against the grain because you know it's right for you is brave. You've done a great job standing firm without stepping on anyone to get there.

Do unto others in that sense, try hard not to kick anyone while they're down or step on toes. Don't like it myself, so why do it? And yes! Always got to be you because no one else can be you! Learned that from Dr Seuss maybe. 🤗🤗

While I have not completely given up on Steem and don't agree with everything that was done (i.e. attempting to cut Justin out of his stake), it comes down to this.

The primary appeal of Steem (in addition to the potential of making money of course) was its blockchain based nature. The appeal of that is decentralization and censorship resistance. While Steem never made it to being completely decentralized, Justin has made it worse, not better in that regard. In addition, he has shown himself to be pro-censorship by censoring certain posts and comments via the Steemit interface.

While i haven't completely given up on Steem, those are the reasons Hive will be my new primary blockchain based social media platform. While Hive isn't perfect either (and nothing ever will be), I feel it is less centralized than a Justin controlled Steem and less centralized without the original ninja-mined stake that Steem had (yes, Hive has it's own ninja-mined stake by giving everyone (almost) what they had here but that still makes the coin more evenly distributed than steem was). And yes, Steemit isn't Steem but for all practical purposes, Justin currently controls the blockchain and has shown a willingness to exert that control.

There is no true decentralization without proper community representation. It will get better as we learn. There will always be a bigger fish that if you rub their scales the wrong way, will come along and try to eat your seaweed all up!

Man, you talk out of my heart with this post... Thanks for what you do! Much appreciated!

Glad you approve and thank you😎

With pleasure man!

Dude! What a breath of fresh air. We are with you man. Stay tuned for an update. I have a great felling for the future of Steem!

Be on the lookout;

I voted for your witness

Many thanks!

Very good news! I look forward to hearing more. As @jonyoudyer may have already mentioned we are looking to help facilitate working relationships between steem communities/projects & any steem witness. We offer GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE as a unbiased and RESPECTFUL place for us to meet, share news and help WORK TOGETHER moving forward . #SteemOn

I've voted for your witness, go geddit!

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LMAO I totally put wtiness instead of witness derpaderp

I was just going to say that 😜 lol
Wtiness might be a new cool Word.

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