My Childhood Super Hero

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Every child has their own super heroes by whom they are inspired or always dream about becoming like. When I was kid my friends had different super heroes from comic or cartoons whom they admired like He-Man, Super Man, Plastic Man, Dennis the Menace and many others. I am talking about the time 1980s-1990s when Hulk, Wolverine, Iron-Man where never the words.

Those days Tom and Jerry, Duck Tales etc. were our favorite cartoons. Giant Robot written by Reuben Guberman and Street Hawk were our favorite TV shows. Although I was bit different among the kids in those days and I always dreamed about becoming a wrestler as my super hero was one of the most popular WWF wrestler who was the champion and one of the amazing wrestler of those time.

I not only admired him but I always dreamed to become like him. He was my real super hero. When my friends use to discuss about He-Man and their other favorite super heroes I use to listen them silently. When I was asked by friends that who was my super hero then, I use to take only one name and my friends were like left with no clue as they never watched WWF and they never knew my super hero. And they would ignore when I spoke as they never knew anything about my super hero and they were not interested to know about him as my super hero was neither funny nor humerus like other cartoon characters who made them laugh and giggle.

I was fan of something real thing in life and a real super start and I always ignored cartoons. Not like I never watched cartoons but given a preference I will always love to watch WWF and if there is a fight were my super hero is going to fight then definitely, I will leave any given work and sit and watch the fight.

My parents always stopped me from watching WWF because they felt it was a violence show and kids are not supposed to learn fighting and all such games at such a early age. So I used to jump to my neighborhood uncle's house to watch the WWF matches. He was fan of WWF and allowed me as well to watch it. And some time he himself use to call me when the WWF starts.

One day I was playing with my friends and they started discussing whoes super hero was the best and they all started comparing the powers and strength of their favorite super heroes. While discussing they looked at me and started asking me what are the powers of your super hero. Well my super hero was not a magical or a cartoon character like my friends had who could fly or grow him self like Plastic Man or any other cartoon character. My super hero was a real human being who could fight seriously and his tricks were the best to win by submission. After hearing this they all started laughing and making fun of me commenting that my super hero was useless and can not do any thing better like theirs. I was so angry listening their words and starting commenting on their super heroes that they were not real and just hand drawn cartoons whom they admire and I was admiring the real life hero. While debating we had a fight among the friends and I smashed one of my friend like my super hero did and then what he ran crying to his home and complained about me to hist parents. Finally I was beaten and scolded by my parents as my friend's parents complained to my parent of my behavior and the super hero I admired. My parents stopped me from watching TV from that day as they thought that I was getting spoiled by watching TV and I should not watch WWF and any other channels that showed violence.

I never used to cry in front of my parents or any other people. When I felt like crying I used to find a place where no one was looking at me and that was the top of my roof. But that day when I was upset and wanted to cry as I was missing my super hero and I desperately wanted to watch his fight. my neighborhood uncle some how watched me crying from his roof top. He shouted and called me "Hey! Why are you crying dear" and I started wiping my tears and replied "no uncle I wasn't crying". He replied back "don't lie with me, I saw you crying dear". Then I had to tell him all the story that happened with me.

He replied me why I was crying for such a small thing. He said that I should not cry and go and complete my school homework so that I can watch the fight of my super hero at 6 PM in evening for a WWF championship. But I was still upset because I knew my parent will not allow me to go to the nearby uncle's house to watch the TV. Uncle looked at me and said do not worry dear I will come and talk to your father and he will allow you to come to my home to watch TV. I was very happy and ran down stairs after thanking the uncle and started completing my school homework. When my father came back from his office at 5 PM the neighbor uncle stood out to talk to him and explained him that he should be allowing me to watch at least the WWF championship match today. Some how he convinced my father and my father agreed to send me to watch the match.

Exactly at 6 PM I ran to uncle's home and knocked the door, he was waiting for me at the door itself and he asked me to come in soon as the match was about to start. What an amazing fight it was. And I was like the most happiest person on the earth that day as I saw my super hero winning the championship. That day my respect for the super hero increased much much more.

I still love that super hero and he still resides in my heart. As we grow we definitely admire many people in our life and we always want to be like them. Some time we do admire our own father and want to be like him. Definitely my father was also my super hero. But my this WWF super hero was my first super hero and I think will always be till I am alive.

I am sure you all are curious to know about my super hero as I kept his name secrete throughout this article.

Let me disclose my super hero now. My super hero is a stylish man in world of WWF, with full long boots and long curly hairs and his entry was wearing shades (sunglasses) fully covering both the eyes and the stunning pink wrestling suit.

He was born in 1957, he has an amateur wrestling background. He was the wrestling champion throughout the 1980s and 1990s World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Apart from wrestling he is also a movie and television celebrity. He was more famous by his ring name "Hitman". Hope you are able to guess his name by now. Yes I am talking about the super start and one of the most famous and amazing wrestler of all time Bret Hart.

Yes, believe it or not he is my real super hero. His style, his looks and his skills made him my super hero for ever. His stunning pink suit appearance in the ring with the simple but macho look always inspired me. His locking skills by which he wins most of the matches by submission was an awesome Technic.

A salute from me to this super start and super hero.

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