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RE: Destroyed German Tank and a Shot of the Battlefield! Never Before Seen WWII Images

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This is the first post I've seen - and this is so much fun! I'm sure for you it's like solving a mystery and getting to know grandpa in a different light.

Plus I read the intro post and did you ever find any pics with him and other ladies?


There are a few lol. I will try to put one in the next post :) when I first had these developed, I was in awe. I looked through them a couple times and then forgot about them for a few years. Now going back through them I am really getting a glimpse of his life that I never had before and wouldn't have if it wasn't for these pictures. I spent a year in Afghanistan in the shit and I am ashamed at my measly 20-30 pictures I snapped on some shitty 2006 5 megapixel camera. After seeing the amazing shots he captured I realize all the amazing thing i failed to photograph, such a tragedy.

"Measly 20-30 pictures"

It is what it is I guess. Now you know the importance of documenting your life!

Hahah 😂😂😂