4 Reasons How XCARD Become Perfect Crypto Wallet?

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Cryptocurrencies have taken a large space in our world right now. The payments are the king of cryptocurrencies. Because most cryptocurrency projects are focusing on payments. That's right, cryptocurrencies are currencies and they will be stored in digitally.

We have stored our money in the wallets. All the crypto beginners know the cryptocurrencies also have wallets. We take care of our wallets always. Then we have to take care of our crypto wallets too.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency projects and wallets in the market. With my research, those all wallets are not safe. The security is an important thing to before choosing a wallet.

The XCARD wallet is going to take a part of crypto wallets space. Today I'm going to talk about 4 reasons how XCARD become perfect crypto wallet.

Here are 4 reasons why XCARD wallet will squash its competition and why I'm bullish on it.

First up on my list is the all in one digital wallet. That's right, XCARD is going to connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. Users can store their fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies freely and spend them anytime, anywhere they want. The wallet has trading and exchange functions without any limitations.

Second, the XCARD exchange. The XCARD wallet has an inbuilt exchange. The users can make trades any time they want in the XCARD exchange. The next thing is XCARD exchange will be creating fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat gateway. Users can trade fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies in the XCARD wallet. The XCARD exchange will be giving the best exchange price in the market to users. The XCARD wallet uses risk-free decentralized internalizer with intelligent atomic swaps functionality. Atomic swaps are a smart contract technology to exchange one cryptocurrency to another without using any using centralized intermediaries. The users can withdraw their money from XCARD wallet. I think this reason will be solving one of important problem from users. I believe the users can get instant and fast experience with the XCARD exchange.

Third, on the list is any payment card option. The XCARD wallet has option to add user's payment cards. The XCARD wallet support's most debit and credit cards. The users can link their debit or credit cards to XCARD wallet and they can buy cryptocurrencies easily with it or spend money.

Fourth on my list is security. I have mentioned about first in the article, the security is an important thing to choose a crypto wallet. First of all, the XCARD wallet is fully decentralized and users can have their private keys. The funds will be stored on multi-signature and or cold-storage wallet.

Multi-signature wallets require more than one key to authorize a bitcoin transaction. The single-signature transactions need only one signature from the owner of the private key associated with the bitcoin address. The bitcoin network is supporting multiple people signatures before making a transaction. The multiple signatures are using to divide up responsibility for possession of bitcoins.

If users own their wallet's private keys, they own their funds. If users do not own their private keys, they don't own their funds. Most centralized exchanges are holding their user's private keys. If anyone hacks that exchange, your funds will be lost. Most online wallets are creating on the internet. That means the private keys will be creating on the internet. That's why online wallets are not safe. Cold-storage wallet means, the private keys creating and funds storing by offline. It is really safe and hard to hack it.

With the article, you can understand how safe is XCARD wallet and how XCARD become perfect crypto wallet.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Learn more about XCARD wallet below!

Website : http://xcard.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/xcardbymobilum
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/mobilumcom
Telegram : https://t.me/mobilumcom


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