Blocking Another Reason to Hate Comcast

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Truth be told, it's been a while since I've had a good reason to hate Comcast. I remember back in the day (over a decade ago) they would throttle your Internet if you used too much bandwidth, then if you asked them about it they would deny it was happening.

I vividly recall a very strange error from back in those times. We would use a voice chat program called Ventrilo and someone who had Comcast would talk but no one would hear what they were saying. Minutes later everything they had been saying for the last 5 minutes would all come out in 30 seconds. All the packets would get delayed and then pass through all at once. Very weird indeed.


The monopoly that these ISPs hold is legendary. Building new infrastructure to compete with the old companies is virtually impossible and certainly not profitable.


Ah well, Comcast is at it again!

I haven't been able to access from my computer for 3 days now. This is a problem that I thought would correct itself. However, upon accessing the Comcast account linked to my house (set up by a roommate) I found this little gem:


Hm, yep...

As the title of this post denotes, Comcast is now blocking as a security threat and not letting me access it. Even clicking that "allow access for one hour" button doesn't work. I can access from my phone if I don't use the Wifi, and I can access from my computer if I use a VPN. Otherwise, no dice.

But why?

Is it a coincidence that was just acquired by a Chinese entity? Probably not. I have to assume this is either an attack on crypto itself in general or against Chinese-owned companies. Definitely leaning toward the acquisition by Justin Sun.


Maybe now is a good time for me to actually buy a monthly subscription to a VPN. I currently only have 500 MB bandwidth with this free version. Honestly, I've been looking for an excuse to do so. Perhaps this is it.


Consumer affairs blog The Consumerist named Comcast "Worst Company in America" in 2010 and 2014. The company received the "Golden Poo" award to its Philadelphia headquarters in commemoration of the victory. The company also finished in the "top" three in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2013.


Hate for Comcast runs deep and has a rich history. All of these hate memes we found on Google images under the simple yet elegant, "fuck comcast" search parameters. I'm pretty sure they are also lying about how much bandwidth we are using because they keep trying to say we are going over the terabyte monthly limit. Bloodsuckers, we don't use that much bandwidth. I even downloaded a program to make sure I wasn't using as much as I was being told I was.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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It's funny how it's private property even though those wires run all over public property.

Hi edicted. Reading this article made me realize how lucky I am to have Starhub as an ISP in Singapore. They charged only SGD39.90 for a 1GBPS Fibre Broadband. Upvoted!

O yeah man, my dad lives in a rural (less than 50 houses) village and he has fiber for the equivalent of 15-20 bucks a month. I think it includes a cellphone plan too.

Wow! A rural village has a fibre internet installed. That's cool man. Where u live?

My dad, not me, he's in some little village in Romania.

I have long noted that until and unless we implement mesh networks, we will never have free speech, because what is happening to you can be done with facility. It doesn't take a whole lot to simply kick Steemit off AWS, and then your VPN won't help.

Other sites have been prevented from being hosted, or even registering a domain.

We don't own the pipes, and we are therefore privileged to communicate over them.


Comcast is what I use as well and they are snakes. They throttle my bandwidth at the tail end of the month all the time. My connection also sucks because I bought my own router that has the same tech as theirs, but I don’t rent from them. They refuse to upgrade the firmware of my router as well, I’m 3 updates behind. I’ve looked it up numerous times and I’ve read that Comcast is the only one who can and mostly everyone has the same complaint, they don’t upgrade.

damn I have been having issues with steemit for ~ last half a week or so. And I use Comcast (no real choice in my area). I am gonna have to look in the user portal to see if I have the same message about suspicious site. Also:

Thanks for sharing this... we don't have Comcast, but we periodically have to sit through i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.y. slow load times only with Steemit and occasionally get an "unable to resolve host" message, even though pretty much everything else works just fine... including Steempeak.

This is with Wave Broadband, btw.

Life seems to have become an eternal game of trying to outfox those who are trying to block us... who has that much time on their hands?


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It's always worked for me.

That sucks. Meme on!

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