#xpilarcontest "Big photo competition" NO. 9-10-11-12 in the final - the winners' number of votes from the Steemit community is now counted up

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 Thanks to everyone in the Steemit community for the great response you have given with their voices (285) to all the 20 final participants.

Here are the 3 winners who received the most votes from the Steemit community in the final 


Number 1. Win 8 Steem Dollars (SBD)  @ajrivas93

Number 2. Win 5 Steem Dollars (SBD)  @unataldani 

Number 3. Win 3 Steem Dollars (SBD)   @andesilesteem

    Steem Dollars (SBD) are transferred to the winner's wallet

Thanks to our Sponsors "Big photo competition"
#xpilarcontest "YOUR SHOT

@dwiitavita  @siatteuk  @anzirpasai   @davidad    @sultan-aceh   @xpilar   

To all Steemians, be so kind as to not leave gifs, etc. that seems disturbing 

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Congratulations to all the three Winners

Your efforts have been rewarded in #xpilarcontest, to those who anticipating to win in @xpilar contest in collaboration with @sultan-aceh but no luck yet, you can do it, only a loser give up, never lose hope.

Have a great day everyone.

ohhhh wow hottest 😍😍@unataldani

Thanks for this initiative and for taking into account my photo.

Beautiful shots congratulations to the winners :D

Really beautiful selection and they worth their prices!! Congratulations to winners. Great contest and support for Steemians @xpilar!

it is very beautiful post! Congratulate all the winner

I think the winner is whom have very interesting content.. congratution.. Good luck @xpilar

Congratution to the winner.. good luck @xpilar

Wow.. tour content is very interesting..nice to know you @xpilar

Thank you very much for this opportunity! I'm happy to be one of the winners. Thanks to the community and the sponsors. Keep the successes!

Excellent choice, congratulations to all.
You do a great job @xpilar, blessings for you.

Big thinks for you 🙏 it was amazing

Congrats for all winners....

great opportunity to win thanks friend, congratulations to the three winners really are beautiful images greetings

The photo of the first place is amazing, boats, gulls and the sun gives that special touch. again amazing photo. Congrats.

congratulations to all the winners, all deserved to win nice images

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