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RE: New #xpilarcontest "bit of image 6" you can win Steem Dollars (SBD)

in #xpilarcontest4 years ago (edited)

I follow #xpilarcontest the appropriate answer from post @sultan-aceh is picture no. 2.
I have left comments on post @sultan-aceh I have reesteem, upvote post him and you.


Image 2


approved @harismunandar

I have made as in the rule #xpilarcontest thanks for the information @xpilar

you're welcome @harismunandar

hai @harismunandar

jika anda ingin mengikuti #xpilarcontest
sebagai contoh, lihat @arfah

Edit, untuk mengulanginya

salam @xpilar dan @sultan-aceh

Terimakasih atas informasinya bg @sultan-aceh saya mengikuti anda dan menyukai foto-foto anda bg, itu sangat keren. :)

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