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RE: New #xpilarcontest « Big photo competition 5 » you can win 15 Steem Dollars (SBD)

in #xpilarcontest4 years ago

this is photo power contest at 5th week about architect and i have your upvote, thanks @xpilar and @sultan-aceh


Hi @jidarr

read back the contest rules

you have not done this Re-steemed post

Regards @xpilar and @sultan-aceh

Ok thanks you @sultan-aceh saya akan re-steem dan upvit pos @xpilar saya sudah melakukanya.

Hi @jidarr

welcome to #xpilarcontest "Big photo competition 5"

hopefully be a winner
in New #xpilarcontest «Big photo competition 5

This week's theme:

Regards @xpilar and @sultan-aceh

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