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RE: New #xpilarcontest « Big photo competition 5 » you can win 15 Steem Dollars (SBD)

in #xpilarcontest4 years ago

hello @xpilar I want to enter your contest the theme of the 5th week of the week.
I have re-steem and upvote your post.
thanks @xpilar and @ sultan-aceh


Hi @zainulm1993

welcome to #xpilarcontest "Big photo competition 5"

hopefully be a winner
in New #xpilarcontest «Big photo competition 5

This week's theme:

Regards @sultan-aceh and @xpilar

Ok the simple image that I can give even though I'm not nominated happy, can enliven your contest, because my photos using android normal. But who menyangkan with there your contest I asked2 next week what ya teanya where I took a picture ori even though ordinary.
Thank you @xpilar and @ sultan-aceh

hehe, next week or #xpilarcontest «Big photo competition 6» will be announced when it arrives @zainulm1993

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