#xpilarcontest: We congratulate the winners of Big photo competition 11 «Your shot» is on their way to the final

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Congratulations on the 1st place with 100% upvote  @ir3k 

   Congratulations on the 2nd place with 90% upvote  @artofwisdom 

Congratulations on the 3rd place with 80% upvote  @ericha 

Congratulations on the 4th place with 70% upvote  @betaniaj 

Congratulations on the 5th place with 60% upvote  @josepuerta 

                             Big photo competition no. 9  « Your Shot »


                                 Big photo competition no. 10  « Your Shot »

 Will you become one of the winners of Big photo competition 12 «Your shot»?

     Big photo competition 12 «Your shot» coming soon

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It was so interesting @xpilar, great contest..

Excellent pictures... Congratulations to the winners and to you @xpilar and @sultan-aceh for this great work.

congratulations to the winners, the pictures are great.

Congratulations to you. Your posts are very great

Congratulations to all the winners awesome entries :D

Hi @xpilar

Congratulations to friends who have won, hopefully to continue to participate in this contest.

Congratulations to the winner

I like this contests

so cute! it is very beautiful! my dear friend

congratulations to all the well-deserved winners

Thank you very much friend. Congratulations to all.