Lu thar myar ei athat shin yay atwat na lkne twae lal pat thi ayay kyi thi

in #yay4 years ago

Hto ato lu myo tha myo ti tant khine myal yay a twat myo chit sate thi thar a di ka a kya sone a yar phit lay thi.Na lone twae pyat lwin lu thar toe athat sone shone ya tha kal thoe,amyo thar yay sate dat pyat lyin lal lu myo tha chu lone pyout kwel ya pay myi.A myo thar yay sate dat thar lyin kyan taw toe a mi nain ngain kyi ei athat twal kyaw phit thi.A myo thar sate dat kyaung thar lyout lat yay nint achote achar ar nar ko a ya yu kar,ar thit mann thit phint tine thit pyi thit ti sout naing khal thi.Kyan taw toe taine yin thar myar ei amyo thar sate dhat nint zar thi twae,zar ti man ko yal yal tout hton lin lar aung pwaw htot pay chal thi nay htoo nay myat kyi kar a char ma hote 'A MYO THAR NAY'pin thii.



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