Lu thit yout a kyite tha ngwe oo yar thi ei

in #yay4 years ago

Lu thit yout a kyite tha ngwe oo yar thi ei htat yan kaung kin ko min lwin myu khoe toe kyi soe sa myal thi. Myu khoe nint tine yaw syat lyine kar myu chay sine ywe nay pi.Ei kar hta naing taw thi phat phoo young with yone chone lay pi .Sane lan thaw hta naung ywat ka lay myar thi lay pyi lar thaw a khar mya tha pat ko a swan kon pyint kya lay thi.Pyaw shin myu tu nay kya han pin.Hta naung pin mar oo hla pi.Khar kone khal pi .A yay ton lyite khal lay pi. A kine a khat thi hu thaw lat yone myar lal lat pyin kya khal pi.Hta naung pin oo kyi ei nout sone nay thi taw sat thoe win lay pi.



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