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@yehey.... I don't know what I would have done without your support and love. Sometimes I feel like giving up after getting very low payout or none after my strenuous effort and research to come up with quality and quantity posts. People like you give other minnows and newbies more hope on Steemit. This makes them feel the chance of winning and hope of living on the steemit platform. I hope we have some other people who can take their time to appreciate good content and upvote or commend them for their efforts which gives them more desire and motivation to do more.

Thanks you very much for your support, I will also wana ask how can I vote for you as a witness? I just need the steps and guidelines.

Thanks for sharing this great post 💗 from @hardaeborla


Don’t stop keep steeming for a better tomorrow

I also need help, please vote for me as your Witness so I can continue upcoming authors with good content.

How can I vote as witness?

If you are logged in through Steemit, at the top right beside your image. There is 3 lines, if you click on those you will see in the drop down menu a vote for witness tab this will take you to the witness page.

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Thanks for this great information

@thehive Thank you mate.

@hardaeborla, thank you for your support.

You are welcome @yehey.. You deserve it 💗😁