Yehey Upvoting Initiatives - June 17 Reports

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Everyday I go out and upvote these Authors with good content.

Check them out and learn on how to compose a good articles. And soon, you will find your post upvoted by me. Keep steeming for a better future.

I've used website to generate these report. This post is 100% Power Up!

2018-06-17 23:01:45 @brainerdpaul brainerdpaul/qxmjz-beeasy-ico 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 23:01:36 @goalsetter goalsetter/ways-to-start-a-good-conversation-day3-moti-inspired-736ba50f455c3 10.0% 2425

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2018-06-17 23:01:27 @nwtdarren nwtdarren/notes-on-a-trip-to-cooking-lake-airport-with-lots-of-photos 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 23:01:18 @shirleynpenalosa shirleynpenalosa/6y8xwd-good-morning-devotion 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 23:01:09 @tonytrillions tonytrillions/don-t-repair-your-credit-without-repairing-your-thinking 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 23:01:00 @betzaquevedo betzaquevedo/before-living-better-in-venezuela 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:03:12 @zakludick zakludick/journal-of-zak-ludick-84-and-the-winner-is 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:03:03 @olagokegbade olagokegbade/zeew-will-deliver-to-you-any-purchase 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:02:54 @byn byn/when-life-gives-you-lemons-make-lemonade-when-life-gives-you-black-mold-get-the-hell-out 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:02:39 @garygabby garygabby/ulog-35-what-s-left 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:02:21 @joshx joshx/world-cup-sweden-south-korea-preview 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 22:02:12 @endless.drugs endless.drugs/mother-anarchy-loves-her-sons-nestor-makhno 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:03:00 @mobbs mobbs/4-responses-for-flat-earthers-facts-over-fiction 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:54 @celestialcow celestialcow/steemit-iron-chef-round-3-tropical-mini-garlic-flat-breads 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:45 @syahrizaldawood syahrizaldawood/brazil-failed-to-achieve-an-initial-victory-after-the-swiss-defense-arrested-a4bfa400798d3 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:39 @ntowl ntowl/ntowl-s-writing-class-begins-june-24-win-up-to-6-sbi-shares-read-the-post-to-see-how 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:30 @fian2015 fian2015/certore-is-an-automated-system-for-developing-standards-and-certificates-based-on-event-flow 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:21 @stach stach/working-on-yourself-the-pathway-to-success 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 21:02:09 @fathin-shihab fathin-shihab/looking-for-kitchen-inspiration 10.0% 2425
2018-06-17 20:02:09 @petertomas petertomas/general-vision-of-the-green-project 10.0% 2423
2018-06-17 20:02:00 @to-the-sun to-the-sun/monitoring-for-sample-and-synth-tracks-a-task-request-for-the-open-source-project-the-amanuensis-automated-songwriting-and 10.0% 2423
2018-06-17 04:27:45 @starzy starzy/photography-the-sunset 100.0% 2421
2018-06-17 03:10:48 @pinoy pinoy/pinoy-upvoting-initiatives-june-15 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 03:10:45 @filipino filipino/filipino-upvoting-initiatives-june-15 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 03:10:39 @jhunferrer jhunferrer/jhunferrer 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 03:10:15 @council council/council-upvoting-initiatives-june-15 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 03:10:09 @yanes94 yanes94/portrait-of-lionel-messi 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 03:10:00 @libertyteeth libertyteeth/hello-justin-unfair 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 00:32:33 @paulag paulag/re-yehey-re-steemcommunity-witnessupdate3announcing2excitingnewsteemittools-3ku6y8lgc8-20180616t164313343z 100.0% 2411
toppings-recipe-20180617t003015168z 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 00:29:39 @mers mers/my-birthday-cake-sponge-cake-with-berries-choco-and-nut-toppings-recipe 100.0% 2411
2018-06-17 00:22:18 @yehey yehey/yehey-org-condenser-site-is-updated-as-of-june-16-2018 100.0% 2411

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Would you like your good content to be included? Come join us at Steem Chat community to share your articles and enjoy @Broadcast free upvote service.

and other stories I up voted for the last 12-24 hours. Apologies, if I missed some of the articles. Check them out.

Here's the archived of my up votes to minnows and authors with good content:

And other stuff you might want to know ... I know it's boring but I need to provide an update of what's going behind the scene.

Security Awareness

  • Phishing sites will not going anywhere anytime soon, specially Steem is gaining popularity. And many of the accounts are identified by their personal names, less work for the hackers to gather information about yourself. How can you minimize risks?
  • Please DO NOT share personal sensitive information online. There are many malicious users looking for their next victims.
  • Use your POSTING key to post and comment. Keep OWNER and ACTIVE key always SECURED.
  • Double check or triple check the URL address before you login to the website. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask anyone in the forums.
  • Ignore the links that you're not familiar, always check it before you login.

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • @Broadcast giving FREE up vote. I increased the delegation to 1600 SP. Right now it is a self-funded project, hopefully other Whales will help out too. Please join our chat at to say hello. Use post-promotion - channel $upvote [yourlink] to receive up vote from @Broadcast 24x7.
  • @Automation bid bot helping @Broadcast to gain more SP. The 90% stake goes to delegators/investors and the remaining 10% stake donated to @Broadcast project. Let your SP work for you earn daily rewards, delegate to @Automation to Power Up votes and helping @Broadcast upvote minnows with good content at the same time.
  • Community Bot (BETA) by @Council - members of the community can all chip in to power up the bot which will then go through the list of members and upvote the latest post by each. With our combine Steem Powers, we Upvote like a Whale.
  • (condenser website) Keep steeming for a better future. You need to have a backup website to access the Steem blockchain if Steemit is not available.
  • mobile web app (still cooking)
  • Steem Community Chat at Discord server.
  • Managed Witness servers like a baby, up running and continuously providing service to the community. No changes to the servers.

@Yehey Earning Reports as Witness

  • This is very simple to answer. Since I became a witness for almost a year now. I haven't earn enough to pay for my servers e.g. Witness nodes, Condenser, Community Bot, etc. Being a Witness, it is not a profitable business unless you're in Top 50. Help me move up the rank, vote Yehey for Witness.
  • I'm here for the long run.
  • No Power Down. ALL POWER UP.
  • I only withdraw SBD to help pay my servers. All goes back to Power Up so I can upvote many Authors with good content.

If you like what I do helping our community. Please Vote @YEHEY as your Witness.

Go to URL address then scroll down, type "yehey" and Vote.

I created a short URL to make it easier to vote, using this link simply click and vote. This will redirect to Steem Connect for SECURE authentication.

Thank you,

PLEASE NOTE: All images are own by their respective owners as mentioned/credited by the authors.


thank you so much @yehey :-) this is indeed an awesome way of encouraging each one here to go on making good quality content posts. God bless you more :-) <3

You're welcome, glad to know I can help.

Please keep on encouraging our fellow steemians, you're doing great, @yehey!

Thank you @yehey for the mention.

You’re welcome